My Adventures With Nothing

We don’t know what we’re capable of until our back is to the wall and we are forced to do the otherwise impossible.

This is how I see the start of my adventures with nothing.

It’s the background to my true story ‘Back to the Wall’, a real life mystery adventure asking to be solved, a romantic whirlwind across the planet, a ghost with a secret, an adventure that reads like a Hollywood movie.

My one-man freelance advertising copywriting business and I had just been declared bankrupt.

I had lost everything and headed for the hills north of Melbourne, the only place I could find free accommodation. For now.

It’s where I lived alone for 5 years in a leaky old caravan parked by the roadside in a small country town in the bush.

I thought my life was over.

Which just shows how little I knew of the adventures, romantic and historical, that lay ahead.

Yet I was homeless, jobless, friendless, penniless and feeling my life was over.

No. This was the beginning of a new one.

Read what happened then in my book – order your copy HERE.

It’s a page-turner, I promise. Full of twists and turns as I chase the clues and the secret messages across the planet, New York, Regency England and Northern Italy, with more clues to Australia and New Zealand around 200 years ago.


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