Do You Only Live Twice?

The idea is everywhere, if we are looking for it.

It’s in popular movies, novels, ancient mythology, self-help books, religions, in the James Bond movie of that name, our everyday lives.

It’s central to events that happened to me in my fun and entertaining book ‘Back to the Wall’.

Here’s how my second life began.

To quote from Chapter 4:

“I sat myself down on the public bench in front of the flats. The mountain air was crisp and damp. I felt numbed by the thought that this morning I had woken to another world, a new life, a different me. The world was still the same. Only I had changed.”

So what happened?

When disaster strikes, most people think the worst.

Which is a big mistake.

Instead it’s the time to think of how to get their second life started.

I thought my life was over. There was nothing left for me.

How could I have been so wrong?

As you will read in my story this was to be just the beginning of my second life.

What a blast that second life became.

And therein lies a lesson for everyone who meets a major life crisis.

I truly believe that we do live twice and a life disaster or crisis is an invitation to begin the second and, perhaps, attract the success and good fortune you deserve.

Read about what happened to me in my fun and entertaining book.

When we meet adversity in our lives, suffer some unexpected disaster or change, even what we commonly call the mid-life crisis, that’s the moment when we have the opportunity to embrace our second lives.

In the first life maybe we screw up. I know, it’s what happened to me.

In the second life, a new frontier may be inviting us to make good and to set out on achieving our true destiny, the real purpose in our lives.

But then, don’t think for a moment it’;s something being forced on us.

We still have free will, the choice to take up the new challenge being offered to us or to go back to the life that brought us to the point of disaster.

Read what happened to me after my first life crashed and burned in ‘Back to the Wall’ – order your copy now HERE.


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