I Know Granny The Ghost’s Secret

In my previous post I wrote about Florence’s childhood friend. And how she learned through a family tree search that her Granny was officially dead at the time.

So was her granny a ghost?

Well, yes, unless she was making this all up.

But now I want to ask, what was the point?

I think she had a secret.

A secret that would reveal some uncomfortable truths about the early affairs of a young and frisky Prince of Wales some 200 years ago.

An affair with one particular woman with sensational consequences if ever revealed at the time.

Truths that the whig leader Charles James Fox did all he could to deny in parliament.

But, as the saying goes, truth will out.

Was it Granny Fitz, Florence’s childhood companion, the one to let this devastating truth out?

200 years later?

My book ‘Back to the Wall’ reveals all.

Because I know granny’s secret.

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