Are We Really Meant To Live Twice?

How much truth was there, I wonder, in the title of the James Bond book and movie ‘You Only Live Twice‘?
This was Ian Fleming‘s last completed James Bond book before he died so was he trying to leave us with an important message?
So many famous people have lived 2 lives in one.
George Lucas was a racing car driver before he was involved in a serious crash when, during a long period of recovery, he conceived the idea of ‘Star Wars’. While reading Joseph Campbell’s best selling book ‘The Hero With a Thousand Faces’, he began to create his concept of ‘Star Wars’.
Singer Tom Jones launched his singing career after his lungs became infected with the coal dust he was breathing as a coal miner.
And Ella Fitzgerald was an orphan living in an orphanage in Harlem when, at the age of 18, she entered a talent quest as a dancer and, at the last minute, decided to sing instead. She won the grand first prize of $25 and went on to win 13 Grammy Awards over a singing career spanning 60 years.
They are just the famous people we know.
What about the ordinary people like you and me?
Don’t some of us face a second life, which we call Mid Life Crisis?
For 30 years I was an advertising copywriter until fate stepped in and my freelance business of over 10 years went bankrupt and shot me into my second life as a new man.
What about you?
Is your destiny urging you to break out of a life you no longer relate to?
Do we become free to follow our passion, our destiny, later in life?
Maybe you could think about whether your second life is waiting for you to make the first move.
Read about my 2 lives in my book ‘Back to the Wall’ and how my second life sent me off on a romantic adventure I could never have planned, chasing the clues to a mystery around the world.
It’s a page-turner I promise.

Best wishes.


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