What You Think Is What You Get.

Do you know the wildly bestselling self help book ‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill? The book made him famous (and I’m thinking, rich too).

But there’s a major omission in his philosophy.

Equally, we can ‘Think & Grow Poor’ if our thinking is of being poor.

The same goes for pretty much anything we think about preferably, as his method asserts, if those thoughts are accompanied by passion, emotion and repetition. Basically, as far as I can see, that’s how he claims we can become rich.

So why not, poor?

Why not unhappy?

Why not sick or unhealthy?

Why not anything?

Has anyone ever thought about that?

And when we watch the dramas and the news and the suffering in the world on our television screens, surely we’re not even thinking about what we’re thinking about – with passion, with emotion and, usually, with repetition – while we watch.

Now here’s the big thing: while we may wish for the higher things in life, even world peace, do we ever think that our thoughts might be, as we watch and think, the exact opposite?

How can we be wishing for a better world when, at the same time, most of us are thinking the very opposite?

I can’t know what you think about but I think it’s worth thinking about what we all think about.

And how much it might be affecting our lives, and the rest of the world.

The Buddha famously said, “With our thoughts we make the world.”

In other words, what we think is what we get.

Isn’t it?


PS. I’m a Portarlington (Australia) author with a fun romantic paranormal historical adventure mystery to tell with local Port stuff (& world stuff) in my critically acclaimed* non-fiction book ‘Back to the Wall’. (*Read awesome reviews here for my book.)

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