I Don’t Want To Be A Millionaire, I Just Wanna Live Like One

That was a throw away line from a Dean Martin song, the name of which escapes me.

I only have a vision in my mind, a memory of the movie, of him and Jerry Lewis carefully carving up a single baked bean to share between the two of them.

That was their meal, half a bean each, and I can certainly relate to that.

Can you?

My point is that we don’t need to desperately want to be millionaires to feel that way, do we.

Do you really want to live in a mansion?

Think of the cleaning.

Are you with me?

Millionaire is fine but living like one is far more realistic, is it not?

We all talk about winning the lottery to have a couple of million.

In the meantime, let’s think about how we can live like one.

Let’s talk about living like millionaires and leave being one to those who would have us be ‘successful’ in a world of so-called successful millionaires.

If that’s what we want.

I tried that.

So do many other people and fall flat on their faces.

Then who will pick up the pieces?

That line of Martin sums up the sentiment behind my thinking about my life.

These days are the days of the podcast and the webinar.

What an ugly name for an online seminar held in some guy’s or gal’s living room while they spend the first 15 minutes telling us how great they are and how buying their hugely expensive training (also of webinars) is about how to make money.

And their secret is getting people on their mailing list which is a modern day equivalent of door-to-door selling.

My poor Dad lost his job in the 1960s and ended up selling life insurance door-to-door.

Or trying to.

I used to feel so sorry for him, his struggles took away all of his dignity.

That shouldn’t be how you must live your life, selling your soul.

If that is ‘success’ then I have found, by accident, a better way.

A way in which you are living like a millionaire without selling your soul to be one.

I did it and you can do it too.

And I know the secret.

Since then I have formulated a ‘Blueprint’ which I want to share with you.

Based on what I did, instinctively, and what you must do to live like a millionaire without selling your soul to get there, and stay there.

That’s why I don’t want to be a millionaire or to be a success by door knocking (or its equivalent), or wasting my time watching webinars, why I don’t want to be endlessly selling my soul to get there and stay there.

For a start, read my book and cut-and-paste into your own life and your own circumstances.

Let me give you a single underlying clue: it’s about quality of life, not money.

My book is called ‘Back to the Wall: A Fun Spiritual Adventure’.

I wish you well.


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