Did this famous woman secretly married to the Prince of Wales 200 years ago want us to know what happened to their lost illegitimate & legitimate children? I do!

Her name was Maria Fitzherbert and she was last in a line of numerous mistresses of George, Prince of Wales. But then, they were secretly married so was she a legitimate mother of their children?

I can’t believe there were no children, from the mistresses or from Maria, the secret wife of George IV.

So where are they?

What happened to them?

Could they have been sent to the colonies on the convict ships that conveniently sailed to Australia in those times?

Or placed in homes for lost children or on training ships for orphaned kids?

Does she want us to know 200 years later?

And does one of them, an unsung hero who commanded one of the Tall Ships sailing Australian waters in the early 1800s, want to be heard?

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What seemed to be waiting for me was the genealogical research that had struck a snag, a sudden dead end in Oxford, England, 200 years ago.

There was an x who wasn’t the father of y, and a y who wasn’t the son of x.

This was wrong.

Added to this dilemma were three secret messages each with three clues to a mystery that seemed to connect with the genealogical facts.

And there was a granny who turned out to be a ghost.

All of this was waiting for me to figure out.

I’ve written a book about how my life, now homeless, penniless, friendless and jobless, was thrown into this infuriating situation and it was me who was left to solve it.

Was I being sent by some invisible hand across the planet, searching through Regency history, Australian First Fleets of the first convict settlers and a military coup, relations with the Maori of New Zealand, heartwarming stories of true episodes from history, life of the High Seas, unknown heroes, my own romantic episodes in New York, Regency England and Norther Italy, and more?

But shockingly, to the bedrooms of the Prince of Wales, George IV and his mistresses and the Catholic widow he secretly married and, perhaps, legitimate children for whom I have found much hushed up evidence.

I’ve set out that evidence, for illegitimate as well as legitimate children and how the opportunity to send them off to the new colony in the antipodes, with convict settlers, must have been too hard to resist.

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Best wishes


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