My 10 Point Plan To Survive From 0.

Are you caught in a struggle to survive? Is your back to the wall? Would you like to know about my 10 Point Plan that worked for me? I’ve don’t it and I want to show you how to survive too with no money and no hope to ever get above it all.

You’re going to have to impose strict measures and stick to them.

But if it works, hey, it’s worth it in the end.

It needs self discipline but only as long as it takes to get back on top.

Isn’t that what you want?

Erica Jong wrote in her book ‘Fear of Fifty’, “Only at the bottom can you decide when to live or die.”

You’re going to decide to “live”, right?

I’ve outlined how I did it in my true romantic mystery adventure ‘Back to the Wall’. It’s an essential part of my story.

Okay, then this is how you can do it.

1. Let go. Take a step back and let’s see everything, your whole life, in a new light. There’s a spiritual principle of “letting go” in the Tao (an ancient Chinese spiritual philosophy) which was my number one secret and which had almost magical consequences.

2. Self discipline. One of the first things I did, and the first thing you should do, is to start a daily policy of “nothing over $2” (my figure was $2, you choose your own). This includes supermarket items. In other words, you need to stop spending money except for essentials.

3. Spending rule. This is one of those times we need to be prepared to make sacrifices we wouldn’t normally even think about. I’m talking about the small things we take for granted. I’ve outlined them in my book: no takeaways, no eating out, no daily papers, no impulse purchases, no new clothes or accessories, no movie visits. I even sold my car so, if you can manage it, then do it. And start paying off your credit card(s) as soon as you can.

4. Convert to cash. I was amazed at how much stuff I could convert to cash. Hold a garage sale. Sell books to a used bookshop. What can you sell on eBay? What can be recycled?

5. What’s your passion? The line from the song in the movie ‘Flash Dance’ says it all: “Take your passion, make it happen”. Believe that it’s waiting there for you to make the first move. So make the move, then see what happens. If a door opens, walk through it, if it doesn’t open, make another move or try another passion.

6. Go with the flow. It’s another Taoist principle and it’s how I moved on in my new life. Keep in mind that many famous people had to wait for their first lives to fail, then start a second (successful) life. When we go with the flow and stop forcing things, I’m convinced we are met by an energy, if you like, an invisible magic carpet that carries us on in a way we can only trust and go with it.

7. What you think is what you get. When we become emotionally involved in anything, be it our own problems or the world’s negativity, our thoughts create more of the same. When we pay attention to what we are thinking then we are going to change our own reality.

8. Aim to live off the grid. This might take a while, even cost money, but if you start working to it now like growing your own food, you can expand your plan a bit at a time as you save.

9. Sell the home, move to the country and rent cheap.

10. Sell the car. It’s a major financial burden.

My book tells how I did it, in minute detail, starting from nothing, bankrupt, homeless, penniless, jobless and friendless. Adjust to suit your own circumstances.

I know this all seems a little harsh but it’s the only way to escape struggle street.

Now read the book and see how it worked for me.

Copy and paste into your own life.

Best wishes,

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