What Are You Leaving Behind?

Nicola Salvi created the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Paul Gaugin left behind a new style in painting. Plato left the basis of our democracy. What is your legacy to humanity, a reason for your having lived? Otherwise, why are you here?

I know it’s an impertinent question but, seriously, don’t you ever wonder what will be left after you’re gone? Don’t you ever hope you’ll be remembered for something, your unique legacy for future generations?

But who am I, you say, to leave behind anything of any consequence?

And I would reply, what does that matter.

Everybody is somebody.

And everybody has a skill, a talent, a passion.

I mean that, we are all born to be something, somebody, something we love that draws us in to make our mark.

If you haven’t found yours, then now is a good time to start.

Right now I am surrounded by old people waiting for the end, with nothing to feel passionate about, always needing to be entertained, nothing to look forward to but their next meal.

I think that’s a tragedy.

Whatever happened to the wisdom of the Elders in our culture?

Does it die with each of them?

If you don’t know where to start searching I urge you to read ‘The Soul’s Code’ by James Hillman or ‘The Purpose of Your Life’ by Carol Adrienne.

Just searching can be fun, the ultimate life’s challenge.

Best wishes,


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