How I Lived On A Shoestring (And What You Have To Do)

Living on a shoestring is easy when you know how and what you have to do.

I did it so I know what you need to do.

I’ve put everything in an inspirational book ‘Back to the Wall’ which tells of my journey after bankruptcy.

I describe exactly what I did from the day after I lost all and, then, what happened after that.

Along the way I inherited an historical mystery about the early days of the British settlement of Australia which, while struggling for my very survival, I followed with unexpected revelations.

It’s a good read as well.

This is not a book with instructions on how to live on a shoestring.

It’s an adventure story about how I was left with no choice but to live that way.

And what I had to do.

Follow my lead and you will learn how to live a good life on a shoestring.

You can look over my shoulder as I learn in the doing.

At the same time I’ll take you with me on an adventure following the clues to a real mystery.

It’s a page turner.

“This is a fun and entertaining manuscript,” said one review, “the readers will truly love this material.”

We’re living in a new world.

We need a new mindset.

Written before the world changed, this is the new mindset written ahead of it’s time.

And for its time.

It’s also a fun and entertaining read.

I really hope you will read my book and follow my experience into a more peaceful and happier life.

Best wishes.


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