Soul. The Second Evolution.

Are we all trapped in a sandwich between our human side and our souls?

With each pulling us in opposite directions?

One, our souls, largely unknown and a mystery to most?

Much debated, the subject of much speculation but, without scientific proof, having very little solid evidence with which to even support its very existence.

I want to change this.

The other, our human evolution, devouring our lives and our core beliefs because it has always been the only option on the menu?

Until now we’ve been led to believe the pull is in only one direction.

That all we have is an open sandwich

Salad on rye.

What if there’s a whole new philosophy of evolution – that maybe there are two evolutions going on in our lives, in our world, and not the one we’ve come to accept as the one and only evolution.

Maybe our lives, our world, is not only about the survival of the fittest and natural selection in life.

Maybe there is also a theory of the soul.

Soul evolution.

Have we been trying to make sense of who we are and where we came from, and where we are going, when all along we’ve been the healthy salad in a sandwich between the two.

And while my philosophy of soul evolution can’t be supported by scientific proof, I will offer in future blog posts compelling evidence for a soul sandwich.

My philosophy of two evolutions.

My evidence comes from Carl Jung, ancient Greeks Socrates and Plato, scholars Joseph Campbell and James Hillman, to name a few.

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Best wishes.


Author of ‘Man Steps Off Planet’ and ‘Romancing Your Life’.

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