What If Thoughts Are Magic?

“You can do magic,” goes the first line of a popular song by America.

But what if we can?

And how?

“With our thoughts we make the world,” said the Buddha.

So what if it’s true?

That our thoughts can do magic?

How do we make the world with our thoughts?

“Thoughts are things,” is the opening chapter title of Napoleon Hill bestselling book ‘Think & Grow Rich’.

What about our everyday thoughts we use to chat with in our casual conversations?

What about our thoughts as we watch television?

Do they create magic?

Are our casual words and thoughts really ‘things’?

Do they make equal magic no matter what we think about and talk about?

Every single thought?

Kind and not?

Helpful and destructive?

And so, what if our everyday conversations, our chats, are the very source of what we make our real world with?


Eric Clapton wrote “Change the world.”

So what if we can?


Or by accident?

Just by thinking about what we’re thinking about.

Popular music is full of references to attracting what we think about.

Or wish for.

Recent books have been written about ‘The Secret’ and the ‘Law of Attraction’.

The idea is everywhere in mythology and, notably, Fairy Tales, in popular culture.

Yet we tend to dismiss the idea of the power of our thoughts as of no importance.

Poetic license.

There are messages everywhere and we tend to dismiss them.

Just metaphors for something else.

What if they have meaning for us.

That our thoughts really do create our reality.

That what we think about is what we get.

And should we really think about what we think about?

That with our thoughts we really can change the world.

Should we be taking the references which are everywhere as a real message for us all.

As a way to change the world.


Just ouselves.

And not really so ‘hidden’ after all.

What do you think?

Best wishes.


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Illustration ‘Thoughts Under Moon’ by Ellysiumn in Deviantart.

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