Was Granny Really a Ghost on a Mission?


Did she live 200 years ago as a wife of the Prince of Wales?

Was her life covered up in the interests of the politics of the day?

And of saving the Prince of Wales’ neck?

At a time of serious anti-Catholic sentiment, of the Gordon riots, even the memory of her deceased late husband who died in the riots, was the cover-up in the greater interests of the country, the Parliament . . . and the throne?

Has she returned to state her case for justice?

Read chapters ‘Dr Desailly’s Secret’ and ‘Florence & The Ghost’ and you may wonder about what really happened 200 years ago.


A time when the Prince of Wales and the wife of a secret marriage, were living in dangerous times.

In a letter to the Prince of Wales, Whig politician and leader of the opposition Charles James Fox: “warned that her situation as well as that of the Prince would be perilous if they went through a ceremony of marriage.”

But they did.

And not only that.


At first she refused all suggestion of marriage.

Then she changed her mind.

Could it be that she was having his child?

And was this child legitimate?

In the chapter ‘The Secret Marriage’ I present the evidence that there was a child.

There were rumours on the couple’s two summers in Brighton.

“It is said she is with child,” wrote a Mrs Talbot.

Could this have been the secret reason for their extended holidays in the seaside resort of Brighton?

Was this a good reason for the distraction of the building of the Royal Pavilion there.

The Pope declared the secret marriage valid.


At the time all of the evidence was destroyed.

This hasn’t stopped speculation as to whether there were children and, more to the point, where are they?

What happened to them.

I very much doubt, however, if anyone found the evidence I have offered in my book.

This was the time of the historic First Fleets to Australia of mostly convicts sent to start a new colony in the antipodes.

What a perfect opportunity to disappear an unwanted child and an embarrassment to the Prince of Wales.

And then there was the enigmatic Commander of the Tall Ship the . . . wait. I tell all in the chapter ‘The Lieutenant Without a Past’.

Was he also one of the mysterious missing children who sailed for the colonies in a famous ship and who played a big part at some of the big events in early Australian and New Zealand history?

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