How to live a New Way by not forcing things.

Is this the new way to live?

By not forcing things and letting go of the old way?

It’s how I lived for 30 years.

I’ve proved that you can live well by not forcing things.

I’ve done it and I wrote a book to show how I did it.

You can too.

For a start you need to trust.

It’s a big issue and sometimes you need to be prepared to go for it because there are times when we have no choice.

Maybe it’s now.

This is serious.

It’s a bit like falling backwards off a stage and trusting that the crowd will catch you.

I’ve shown that there’s a crowd behind you.

It was there to help me survive after I was declared bankrupt.

Which was a hell of a place to make a fresh start.

But I did it.

And I’ve written the book of my new life after being reduced to nothing.

I realised, now, in this new world in which we’re living, it was a new way.

A new way of thinking.

A new way of reacting.

A new way of making choices.

Of doing things.

Of living.

Ultimately, of survival.

And maybe a new way to prosper.

“You have discerned an amazing story,” said the Judge of the Writer’s Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards.

I wish you health and happiness.


PS. Order your copy of my  Aquarian New Way book here.

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