You May Say I’m a Dreamer

Do you think you’re a dreamer?

We live at a time when I’m not sure if dreaming is acceptable.

What do you think?

Will you admit to being a dreamer?

Or do we live in a world that expects us to be busy, busy, busy, all the time?

Maybe it’s not so much expected of us but that it’s a case of reality.

Perhaps we no longer have any time for dreaming.

If that’s true, then we surely have lost something in our world, our way of life, our reason for living.

So the big question is, would you LIKE to be more of a dreamer?

Would you like to spend more time in your head, thinking, dreaming, creating castles in the air?

In my story of life without money I talk a lot about what happened to me when I had less time for stressful activities and plenty of time to let it all go.

Magic happened.

I dared to dream that anything was possible.

And that is what happened.

The unexpected appeared.

I’ve written every detail, every experience, every event that appeared out of nowhere and took me on a magical ride without a plan.

Like a dream that took me from zero to hero.

It’s a spiritual story.

You can read the rave reviews here or order your copy of ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

It’s full of twists and turns.

One review calls it a “fun and entertaining” read.

See for yourself.


Illustration above: ‘Thoughts Under Moon’ by Ellysiumn at

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