What Happens When You Lose Everything?

Have you recently lost everything?

It’s happening to a lot of people today.

And that’s a tragedy.

I understand because it happened to me.

But that was 30 years ago when the world was a more hopeful place to be alive.

I get it.

I get something else that most people tend to miss.

I reinvented myself.

When you have nothing, when you’ve lost everything familiar, you make decisions, choices, let go, stop forcing things, you’ve created a vacuum.

And a vacuum must be filled with something else.

Think about that.

For 10 eventful years my life was filled with something else that mostly came to me.

I’ve written a book.

It’s about a sailor with a secret.

Now I have a story, my story, with a secret (or three) that fell into my lap.

Just by letting go and going with the fkow.

If you have nothing think about opening up to filling the vacuum.

Maybe it’s a spiritual thing.

Maybe something invisible comes to the rescue.

But maybe it’s you.

Just you.

And it costs nothing.

Think about it.

Love and Peace.


PS. Order your copy of my soul book ‘A True Paranormal Mystery To Change The World’ HERE.

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