How The 100th Monkey Can Change The World.

How do influencers become influencers?

How do new trends suddenly take off?

How can we change the world?

As a force for good.

Is the 100th Monkey Theory the answer?

They say it was a hoax.

Not so, if we take Group Souls into account

Which is not scientifically proven..

Let me tell you the facts as they are known.

Seventy years ago, on the Japanese island of Kojima, a group of researchers noticed that the social behaviour of a troup of 100 Macaca monkeys changed after one of them found a new way to wash and eat potatoes.

The others followed.

All 100 of them.

Which is not normal for monkeys.

Or humans.

Here’s the story.

And that proposes an interesting question.

Might 100 people change their behaviour for good if just one did?


All in different locations.

The behaviour change seems to have jumped natural barriers and to have appeared spontaneously in colonies on other islands and on the mainland in a troop at Takasakiyama.

Then there is wheat, which the monkeys enjoy but find difficult to deal with once it has blown out of containers onto the sand. The breakaway monkey was only three when she solved this dilemma by picking up mixed handfuls of sand and wheat and winnowing the grain by casting both into the sea.

The sand sank, leaving the wheat floating free on the surface where it could easily be scooped up and eaten.

Are there unknown laws in evolution other than those governed by ordinary natural selection.

Is there a second evolution where everything is returning to the Source?

Its perfect archetype?

Read about my theory of a second evolution in my new book ‘Romancing Your Life & Changng The World’.

Is there such a thing as the 100th Monkey Phenomenon and that it might account for the way in which many memes, ideas and fashions spread through our culture.

It may be that when enough of us hold something to be true, it becomes true for everyone.

When a myth is shared by large numbers of people, it becomes a reality.’ (Lawrence Blair).

So how did the first monkey communicate her new habit with the others?

It was hardly through chatting.

Maybe chatter.

Not words.

Maybe signs.

I think through group knowing.

A group phenomenon.

That members of a group just know.

Like a flock of birds all changing direction in the same moment.

A knowing.

Group Soul.

Or Thought Form.

Same with changing the world.

What if?

Love and Peace.

Neil Smith

PS. Get my new book ‘Stories From My 50 Year Search For Truth’ – learn more HERE.

Further refence: Wikipedia.

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