My Secret To Staying Young For Zero cost.

When I was 24 I started yoga.

This is not a post about yoga but it’s where I started to stay young.

Because they say we all start to grow old around 30.

There’s another fact we all need to know about staying young.

Most cells in our body, around 98%, are replaced every year.

Every year.

Which means we get a new body, almost, every year.

What if we could have a say in making the new cells better than the old cells.

That we could be sure we get a better body for the old one.

Every year.

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I believe the theory that our thoughts can influence the cells in our body.

And that with the nature of our thoughts we can have, in effect, new bodies for old.

Which may have been what I was thinking from the age of 24.

(At the time that was not my intention).

But hey, what if yoga and the natural scientific processes of growing older, have been working to help me stay young.

Except for the price of 10 yoga classes, I’ve simply been using the natural forces of nature.

Which cost me nothing.

I’ve used other strategies throughout my life.

I’ll tell you about them in future posts.

So here’s my biggest tip for this time.

Stop telling yourself you’re getting old.

Or looking old.

Or getting wrinkles.

Keep telling yourself, and thinking, I’m young.

Or I look good.

There’s an untapped power in thought.

And it costs nothing.

Love and Peace.

aussiescribe (Neil the Smith)

PS. I recommend ‘Romancing Your Life. Changing The World’ (104 pages).

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