Tip #2 in my Secret To Staying Young For Zero Cost: Beware Of Entropy.

Every physical thing rises and falls.

Like the Roman Empire.

Like ghost towns fallen from their heyday.

Like us.

We’re firstly young then we get old.

And when we’re young we don’t think about old.

In today’s modern world we don’t want to think about old.

Until, one day, old arrives.

That’s entropy

So my Tip #2 is: don’t ever think old.

Always think you’re young.

Even if you think you’re getting old.

Always think young.

Always do young things.

Think young thoughts.

Be with young people.

Always thinking’

Keep the weeds out of your mind.

That’s my secret to cast entropy aside.

Now you know about it you can do something about it.

How hard can it be to always think you’re young.

Is this the new trend?

Is young the new old.

It’s also a law of physics.

Known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

So why don’t we know about this?


Why does our body get struck down with physical illnesses when we still have an active brain, a mind, a soul?

But entropy only cares about your body, not your mind or your soul.

Why must it be so.

So what if the only way to stop entropy is to intervene when we’re still young?

Has entropy always been a missing factor?

The elephant in the room.

We live in a time when we have knowledge and wisdom, or the source of, at our fingertips.

I mean the fingertips we use to search, or to chat, online for whatever we need.

In an instant.

Does wisdom come from having adventures and living a full life?

Today it’s easier to have adventures from where we are.

Adventures of the mind.

Staying young.

That shouldn’t stop us from living our adventure.

Do you ever think about living longer, or better, because of what you think?

About what’s in your mind?

Think about it.

Let’s tackle entropy right now.

Costs nothing.

Take care.

Neil Smith.

PS. Tip #1 to ‘Staying Young Forever At Zero Cost’ blog post is HERE.

PS. Go to this link to find audio tracks that do the thinking for you.

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