Make Waves With Your Thoughts

Thoughts make waves.

Brain waves.

They are generally created when you’re not thinking what you’re thinking.

Which I’m sure is much of the time.

Watching television

Watching a movie.

Playing computer games.

Even chatting.

Something is happening all the time while you’re involved in any mental activity.

Your thoughts are creating waves.

You’re making waves.

Without thinking.

So do your thoughts have consequences.

Do your thoughts get picked up?

Even acted upon?

Just a thought.

Are they creating a world that’s unintentional?

Your innocent thoughts?

“With our thoughts we make the world,” said the Buddha.

Your world?

The world we all live in?

Then are brain waves real?

.Do we ever think about the world we want to have or do we think about what entertains us?

Isn’t the world we have right now pretty much the kind of world we watch for entertainment?

The dramas.

The violent movies.

The war games.

The evening news.

What we chat about.

“Your brain is a bustling hub of electrical activity. This is due to the fact that the cells in your brain, called neurons, use electricity to communicate with each other.

‘”When a group of neurons sends an electrical signal to another group of neurons, we call those brain waves. This is because a computer-generated electroencephalogram (EEG) test that detects and measures the electrical activity in your brain actually creates a picture that looks like a wavelike pattern.

“There are five basic types of brain waves that range from very slow to very fast. Alpha waves fall in the middle of that series of waves. Your brain produces these waves when you’re awake but not really concentrating on any one thing.”


Think about it.

What if we’re all helping to create the world with our thoughts.

Our brain waves.

A world we don’t want.

Love and Peace.


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