Is Someone From the Past Wanting to be Heard.

Is she a ghost from the past?

She was badly treated.

Her secret marriage to the Prince of Wales denied in Parliament.

Her love for the Prince was shunned.

They lived as lovers but where are the children.

Were they smuggled off to Australia on the Third Fleet of convicts from England to the antipodes?

What happened to them after that.

I’ve written a 236 page book to expose the mystery of Maria Fitzherbert and what has been covered up.

My book is called The Great Regency Cover-Up’

“You have discerned an amazing story”, says Writer’s Digest.

Read the book and decide for yourself whether she is a voice wanting to be heard.

Some 250 years later.

This is a fun and entertaining book.

Full of twists and turns..

Buy your copy now and enjoy a great read.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith.

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