About Me

For over fifty years I’ve been a writer. A word smith, you might say. My ancestors, the Smiths, Smids or Smythes, go back over 1,000 years to ancient blacksmiths and metalsmiths of Britain. So I’m a smith, a crafter of words. I first learned how to use words during the Advertising Revolution of the ’60s, to those cheeky VW launch ads like ‘Think Small’ and ‘Lemon’. Such provocative ads started a revolution that was talked about everywhere. I learned the secrets of the provocative VW writing style.

My television campaign for Herbert Adams meat pies and donuts won an award for the best TV campaign of the year in 1972. I ran my own one-man business as a freelance copywriter and Creative Director for over ten years. In the ’90s

I was responsible for the launch of an annual Swiss-Italian Festa in Hepburn Springs, an historic spa resort here in Australia, after writing an article on the Gold Rush there in the 1850s and the Swiss and Italian migrants who came to work at the diggings. The Festa is still running today.

I’ve lived in New York (with a pen friend) for six months and again for four months in the north of Italy (also with a pen friend). I learned yoga in the ’60s from Australia’s first full time yoga teacher which I practiced daily for 50 years for my mind and body.

Love and Peace.