How the Paranormal Uncovered a Royal Cover-Up.

Everywhere I looked the evidence was not there.

Vital papers had been burned.

Identities were anonymous.

The truth had not been told.

As if they were nobody.

I knew they were Royalty.

Sure, that was 250 years ago.

In Regency times.

In England.

But, incredibly, involving the very early days of British settlement in New South Wales (Australia) and New Zealand).

Who would know?

Certainly not the official line.

Not recorded history.

But I had the paranormal clues.

And they gave me enough, like the smoke, that is evidence of there being a fire.

In the end, after considerable research, I found enough smoke to show there must have been a fire.

The Prince of Wales had his position – and his head – on the line,

All good reason for the cover-up.

I understand.

Now, 25 years later, someone wants the truth to out.

Which is where my story becomes truly paranormal.

I can’t claim proof.

That’s been cleverly destroyed.

I can claim evidence like the smoke that gives away a fire.

Read my 236 page book and judge for yourself.

You’ll enjoy the fun and entertaining read.

You’ll ponder the spiritual wisdom as the Truth comes out.

In this sense, it’s a mind/body/spirit story (as well as an historical exposure).

With some romance along the way.

Reader’s Digest said, “You have discerned an amazing story.”

“It’s got everything it needs to be a blockbuster,” they said.

A Royal cover-up which, as you will see, all started with a ghost.

A ghost who appears at Chapter 3 – The Ghost of Granny Fitz’.

Buy the book ‘The Great Royal Cover-Up’ here and enjoy the great read.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith
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PS. Illustrated above. an anonymous painting of the ‘Mary Ann’ the only all-female convict to sail from England to New South Wales in 1792 with the Third Fleet.

Where Are Our Wise Elders?

The Wise Elders don’t seem to be popular today.

Except in fictional movies.

Our influencers all seem to be young people on social media.

Such a shame.

As George Bernard Shaw put it, “Youth is wasted on the young.”

Trouble is, do we respect the older men and women?

Do we encourage wisdom rather than putting them out to pasture.

It’s called Retirement.

Why can’t we respect age?

Why don’t we encourage wisdom among our elders?

Because what we think and what we believe creates our reality.

It’s about the symbolism of ageing.

Instead of using symbols like ‘old’, ‘retirement’, ‘aged care’, we should be using words like ‘elder’ and wisdom’.

Because I’m one of them.

A friend here even calls me ‘Obi-wan‘.

Love her.

Love and peace

Neil the Smith
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PS. To understand my aged wisdom buy my autobiographical book ”The Great Regency Cover-Up’ here.

What Can We Do, You & Me, About the World?

What can one person do, alone, to change the world?

Even just a little bit.

I hear people saying just this.

What can we do?

What can I do?

I’m just one person.

I’m nobody.

What can I do?

Well, I’ve thought that too.

Until I wrote this small book

. It’s about what I can do.

Which is nothing.

Nothing compared to people who are famous, are influencers, are in a position to make a difference.

But then, I’ve written a book.

It’s all I can do.

But here’s the thing.

I know what we can do, as individuals, as ordinary people, without a voice.

Except our own.

So I want to invite you to read the book.

I have found the way that ordinary, everyday people like you and me can do something.

You can without making a fuss.






Without going anywhere.

Just where you are.

Here’s the link to my book ‘Romancing Your Life. Changing The World’.

Doesn’t cost much.

Won’t bore you.

Easy to read.

Get it and together we can change the world.

Let’s give it a shot.

It may be now or never.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith

PS. Illustration by

The Mystery of the ‘Mary Ann’.

The ‘Mary Ann’ was an all-female convict ship which had sailed to New South Wales (Australia had not been named yet) as part of the Third Fleet in 1791 “under strange circumstances.”

Strange circumstances?

Although officially one of the Third Fleet the ‘Mary Ann’ sailed independently of the rest of the fleet, leaving England forty days before the first of the other ships. The remaining nine vessels were mostly in a bad state of repair, “mostly old, and the Navy Board’s officers were less than vigilant than usual or had no alternative but to accept vessels that were in poor repair and ill-found.” 1

Under the command of her part-owner, Mark Monroe, the 298 ton vessel sailed from England on the 16 February, 1791, arriving in Port Jackson on 9 July. This was the fastest voyage yet made by any ship of the three fleets. Bateson reports a cargo of 150 female convicts but the records of ‘Shipping Arrivals & Departures, Sydney, 1788-1825′2show this to be incorrect. The ‘Mary Ann’ (officially) carried 141 female convicts, six children and one free woman. Six children and one free woman? She was the only ship in the fleet to carry exclusively female, and no male, convicts.

Read the full expose in my true paranormal mind/body/spirit adventure here.

There were a number of indications of a hasty departure. As reported by Collins, the Master of the ship “had not any private papers on board (but what added to the disappointments everyone experienced), he had not brought a single newspaper, and having been but a few weeks from Greenland before sailing for this country, he was destitute of any kind of information.” 3

Even more intriguing was an incident reported by Charles Bateson. After a grueling 143 days at sea “possibly because she called at only one port en route to refresh her prisoners with fresh provisions” a very strange thing happened.

“The Master landed a boat in a bay on the coast about 15 miles to the southward of Botany Bay; but no other observation of any consequence to the colony, than that it was a bay in which a boat may land.” 4

Notice it was the Master who landed the boat according to Bateson.

Puzzled by this I wrote to my genealogist in England asking for information about the ‘Mary Ann’.

“There seem to be no ships musters for the ‘Mary Ann’,” he wrote back. “Looked next the embarkations returns for 1791 but there was no mention of the ‘Mary Ann’ … I looked at the Home Office lists for the ‘Mary Ann’ but these give only the list of convicts, so there is something wrong with your data.”

I found the list of female convicts on the ‘Mary Ann’ but none for the free women and child.

So what have we got?

The Master of the ‘Mary Ann’, a female convict ship carrying six children and one free woman, lands a boat on the coast away from the main settlement about fifteen miles from their port of destination, for no apparent reason, even though there must have been many on board who were ill and in need of fresh food and water having stopped only once on the journey. Her departure does not seem to have been recorded in England. No ships musters could be found. She leaves hastily “under strange circumstances” without the usual papers, sailing over a month in advance of the other ships in the fleet and making the trip in record time. The captain also happens to be the part-owner.

Was something fishy going on here?

But that’s not all.

Bateson offers another interesting observation. “Of the ten sail of transports [the Third Fleet] lately arrived, five, after delivering their cargo, were to proceed on the southern whaling fisheries – the ‘Mary Ann’, ‘Matilda’, ‘William and Mary’, ‘Salamanda’ and ‘Brittania’. Two of the whalers, ‘Matilda’ and ‘Mary Ann’, came in from the sea the day on which the others arrived. The former found a boat in a bay on the coast six miles to the southward of Port Stephens …” 5

Port Stephens is some 200 miles to the north of Botany Bay.

Was there some kind of cover-up going on?

I know what was going on and it was a cover-up to save the Prince of Wales’ Skin.

Or maybe his neck.

I wrote the book to answer this and other big questions.

You can buy ‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’ HERE.

Love and Peace.

Neil the Smith


1 ‘The Convict Ships’ by Charles Bateson, Naval Historical Society of Australia. Page 131.

2 ‘Shipping Arrivals and Departures, Sydney, 1788-1825’, Roebuck Society, Canberra, 1977.

3 ‘An Account of the English Colony of New South Wales’ by David Collins.

4 Collins.


Royal Cover-Up. Hush. Hush.

There was a cover-up.

With paranormal clues.

So I followed the clues.

Had an adventure

Across 5 countries..

Did the research.

You won’t believe.

Then wrote the book.


Read the reviews here.

Order your copy here.

Enjoy the “fun and entertaining” ride.

236 pages of twists and turns.

It’s autobiographical and it’s fun.

Enjoy the great read.


Neil the Smith

Cover-up exposed by a ghost.

Has she returned as a ghost to be heard?

Is she seeking justice for unjust treatment 250 years ago.

They were turbulent times.

She was a Roman Catholic.

And Catholics were being targeted.

For example . . .

By the Gordon riots.

She was secretly married to the Prince of Wales.

Hush. Hush.

The Prince could lose his reputation.

Or even his head.

She was made to feel she didn’t exist.

That the truth didn’t happen.

I know what did happen.

From extensive research.

And a little help from the paranormal.

Ghosts if you like.

Now she wants to be heard.

Evidence has been destroyed.

Or burned.

The truth has been denied.


All deemed necessary for the Prince of Wales to survive.


But now . . .250 years later . . .

It’s time for the truth to be told.

Maybe it’s not too late.

Because what if we knew that legitimate children survived.

And had families.

What if they continued their lives, not in England, but in Australia.

What if their legitimate descendants are alive today.

What if.

I’ve written the ultimate expose of her situation.

I’ve written a 236 page book to expose the mystery of Maria Fitzherbert and what has been covered up.

My book is called The Great Regency Cover-Up’

“You have discerned an amazing story”, says Writer’s Digest.

Read the book and decide for yourself whether she is a voice wanting to be heard.

Some 250 years later.

This is a fun and entertaining book.

Full of twists and turns..

Buy your copy now and enjoy a great read.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith.

Is Someone From the Past Wanting to be Heard.

Is she a ghost from the past?

She was badly treated.

Her secret marriage to the Prince of Wales denied in Parliament.

Her love for the Prince was shunned.

They lived as lovers but where are the children.

Were they smuggled off to Australia on the Third Fleet of convicts from England to the antipodes?

What happened to them after that.

I’ve written a 236 page book to expose the mystery of Maria Fitzherbert and what has been covered up.

My book is called The Great Regency Cover-Up’

“You have discerned an amazing story”, says Writer’s Digest.

Read the book and decide for yourself whether she is a voice wanting to be heard.

Some 250 years later.

This is a fun and entertaining book.

Full of twists and turns..

Buy your copy now and enjoy a great read.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith.

I’ve written a true story about a Royal Prince who was smuggled to Australia 250 years ago.

There was a cover-up 250 years ago.

A secret marriage.

The Prince of Wales to Maria Fitzherbert.

Was it a legal marriage?

The Pope said yes.

I think a child was born after the marriage.

Or maybe two.

There were questions in Parliament.

The Prince of Wales denied everything.

To save his neck.

Not to mention the fate of his bride.

A Roman Catholic.

Who were unpopular at the time.

There were riots.

And the Crown.

A cover-up for sure.

Then, children.

What to do.

A new penal settlement was being established in Australia.

Called New South Wales then.

Inmates incarcerated in London’s gaols and hulks on the Thames were being sent out often for petty crimes.

They were being sent to the other side of the world.

With no hope of ever returning home.

What if unwanted Royal children could go too.

Smuggled on the First Fleets that sailed from 1787 to 1791.

My book has evidence that children may have been onboard without names.

The all-female convict ship ‘Mary Anne‘ was one.

That’s her on the cover of my book.

Now here’s the thing.

Was a British Royal sent to Australia anonymously.

As a mere child.

And where is he or she.

What became of him or her.

Maybe I know.

Buy the book and read for yourself.

“It’s got everything it needs to be a blockbuster,” said Writer’s Digest.

It’s a “fun and entertaining” book, said another reviewer.

Certainly not dull and boring history.

More autobiographical with unexpected twists and turns.

Buy your copy here.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith.

How to Make Good Stuff Happen.

Think about it

That’s the eternal secret of making stuff happen.

It’s the eternal secret of health.


That’s it.

What you think is what you get.

Thoughts in, reality out.

Your thoughts create your reality.

It’s the hidden secret of the word ‘abracadabra’.

The magic wand of life.

I’ve written a small but powerful book ‘Romancing Your Life. Changing The World.’

About how your thoughts are creating your reality.

And more.

Look for the secret message at the front that’s the abracadabra moment for everything.

Every day, every minute, we’re being hit with thoughts that are not real.

But that’s what is creating our reality.




People being unkind to people.

That’s what is creating your reality.

You can change that now.

Watch what you think.

Don’t watch the evening news.

Because it’s creating your reality.

What you think is what you get.

Think big but think nice.

You could change the world.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith

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It’s All About the Job, Not About You.

Or is the job about you and your health?

There’s a conflict here.

A dilemna.

How is it to be resolved.

Do you want a job that you love, your passion, or not.

The answer is, passion is your starting point.

Take your passion, make it happen.

They’re the words from the movie ‘Flashdance’.

It’s a secret to changing the world.




The world is an orchestra.

Each of us playing our part, like an instrument.

Our instrument is our passion.

What we love.

If you haven’t found your passion yet, then you need time to find it.

Not be pressured into taking a job you hate.

Like 85% of the rest of the world (according to a Gallop poll over 160 countries)*

No wonder the world’s orchestra is in disharmony.

From a soul perspective, there’s a part written for you.

One that will create harmony and health in your world as well as the whole world.

A score written just for you.

Go find it.

There’s a plan in place to deal with this.

It’s called the Universal Basic Income.

I’ve written about it in my new book.

We can do better.

That is, if we are to change the world.

To make this a better world.

To improve our lives.

Instead of making our lives unpleasant in our daily experience.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith

*Source –

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Do You Hate Your Job?

Are you one of the 85% of people in the world who don’t like their job?

Is this mind-blowing figure such a surprise?

Because in a study by respected Gallop worldwide, most of us don’t care much for our jobs.

Is this why most of us don’t care much for our world today?


And what does anyone care.

More to the point, what are we going to do about it?

Fix the world or change the function of our jobs?

What about both.

Buy my new book ‘Romancing Your Life. Changing The World’.

If 85% of us hate our jobs then what hope has the world got to be loved by the world?

Not much.

What to do?

In an article titled ‘Why 85% of People Hate Their Jobs’ a worldwide Gallop Poll of 160 countries showed that 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs.

The author of this Gallop study, titled ‘The World’s Broken Workplace’, is Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallop.

If you don’t like your job you are not alone.

So why do they persist in telling us that we all need one of these jobs that most of us don’t like.

Isn’t it creating a world of negative thought?

A world disinterested in what we do with our main purpose in life?

An attidude of regarding our workplace as a negative experience.

We can do better.

That is, if we are to change the world.

To make this a better world.

To improve our lives.

Instead of making our lives unpleasant in our daily experience.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith

Source –

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Are Our Kids Being Brainwashed?

Brainwashing techniques have been documented as far back as the Egyptian Book of the Dead and used by abusive spouses and parents, self-proclaimed psychics, cult leaders, secret societies, revolutionaries, and dictators to bring others under their thumbs and manipulate them seemingly willingly.” (wikihow)

I hear stories of teenagers being kicked out of home, sent to mental institutions and made homeless living on the streets.

And I have to wonder, is it because of their chosen behaviour which doesn’t meet the rules of the parents, or behaviour caused by brainwashing, that is, repeated abusive and negative expectations of parents or partners?

And why do I keep hearing, oh that’s teenagers for you, tut, tut?

Is so-called typical teenage behaviour largely the product of constant psychological verbal abuse?

So how much are drugs, depression and suicides caused by the same constant verbal abuse?

It’s a tragedy.

I’m appalled.

Wake up to the damage you’re doing to our kids.

This is not discipline, it’s mentally damaging and life changing.

Life destroying.

Unfairly judgemental.

These are young souls, maybe old souls, who are coming to terms with their own destiny, which lies before them.

Let them be free to explore their own destinies.

Not yours.

The world is changing fast.

They deserve to have a chance to face the new world in their own ways.

Instead of yours.

Please, let’s save our kids, our vulnerable teenagers, from long-term psychological damage.

We need to honour and respect these new souls.

Our children will inherit the Earth.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith.

Introducing the Abracadabra Moment.

You can do magic.

Just by using words.

Is this what the word ‘abracadabra’ really means.

That every day, in every moment, we’re doing our own magic with our words.


I believe it’s a hidden meaning of the famous words.

In any language.

Our words create thoughts.

Thoughts have power.

Just by speaking them.

I call it the ‘Abracadabra Moment’.

We do it all the time.

Usually without thinking we’re thinking it.

It’s the secret of abracadabra.

It’s the principle of the Law of Attraction.

Say the words we wish to attract often – and words we don’t even think to attract – and that’s what we attract.

To give you an example, in every moment of our waking lives the media is bombarding us with words.

It’s those words – and all the others – that create an ‘abracadabra moment’ every day of our waking lives.

But we don’t realise it.

Even our critical words directed at our kids are creating their reality.

Even though it’s not our intention.


Because those words all create reality.

Our own and that of our innocent kids.

Think about it.

Here are positive messages we can use to create wonderful ‘abracadabra moments’.

For ourselves and our kids.

Think about it.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith.

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Has a Ghost Busted a Prince of Wales From the Past?

Her name was Maria Fitzherbert.

She lived 250 years ago.

She was the Prince of Wales’ mistress,

Or wife.

Depending on who you believe.


Or the Pope?

Parliament said no.

The Pope said yes.

For the ‘yes case’ the evidence seems to have been destroyed.

Of course.

I have paranormal evidence that could settle this.

If we’re prepared to consider paranormal evidence.

There’s a mystery.

A mystery from the past.

An historical cold case.

I have solved the case.

Many other have tried and failed.

Mine is a new angle.

A real ghost with a message.

Plus 3 other secret messages.

A paranormal secret,

Supported by tangible evidence.

New evidence that fell into my lap at a critical time in my life.

I was broke, living in an old caravan in the Aussie bush.

I’ve written the book so you can judge for yourself.

After reading my book it will no longer be a secret.

I followed the clues, the evolving mystery, across 5 countries.

At last you can read my secret revelations.

Which all started with a ghost.

You can buy the book here at ‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’.

“You have discerned an amazing story,” says Writer’s Digest.

“Readers will love this fun and entertaining manuscript,” says another review.

Read the 236-page book and decide for yourself.

And be entertained as well.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith

Was This The Ghost of The Prince’s Mistress? Or Wife?

There has been an unsolved mystery, and closely guarded secret, from the time of George the Fourth, Prince of Wales.

Was he married to this Roman Catholic widow?


And did they have children?


Heirs to the throne of England.

Would this have changed the course of history?

Two hundred years or so later there have been many attempts to answer those questions.

None very convincingly.

Have I uncovered a somewhat more convincing case.

Re-opened by a ghost.

A ghost whose story I stumbled upon while living, broke, in an old caravan parked by the roadside in a country town in the Australian bush.

Which led me on an amazing adventure across five countries seeking answers to the cover-up.

Here’s my true and shocking paranormal story.

Paranormal, yes.

About a ghost, yes.

Leading to genuine historical evidence to support the yes and yes case.

I’ve written the book called ‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’.

Order your copy now and see for yourself.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith

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