What’s The Secret To A Natural All Time High?

I know because I’ve found it.

Let me explain.

Okay, like James Bond, let’s take on the world, but in a slightly different way.

Positive thought + creativity.

That’s my own formula.

It works.

For 10 years I was working on my book ‘My Amazing Romantic Paranormal Regency Adventure’.

I was living in a treetop flat with a view to the ocean.

What more could I ask for a place to write my heart out.

A very creative life.

A very positive outlook.

Every day, once my mind was in gear and the words were starting to flow, I was on a high.

A natural, creative, positive high.

So every day for 10 years I lived the good life.

On an all time high.

Simply by being creative in a so positive and natural environment.

I know, not everyone can do that.

There were times I lived the exact opposite.

I grew up in poverty.

I’ve been bankrupt.

So I’ve known both extremes.

It’s enough that I found the positive, creative life living close to Nature.

And I used that to write.

The book is the evidence.

It’s there if you want to see for yourself the result of living an all time natural high.

If you want that kind of life now you can create it in your mind instead.

Don’t be afraid of GUIDED SELF HELP meditation.

Guided meditation to create your inner creative, positive, natural world.

Test it for yourself here (RIGHT HERE).

Love and Peace.


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Has The Paranormal Become The New Normal?

What is normal?

Has your life been normal?

What about when you experience serendipitous events?

Or at times when you are moved to say, it’s a small world isn’t it.

For 10 years, immediately after I was hit by a traumatic event, paranormal events turned my life to magic.

Everything flowed.

I got myself into scrapes that somehow became positive experiences.

The paranormal became normal with a bit of magic.


Doors opening.

Special people appeared.

There were romantic experiences.

I was leading the life of a movie star scripted by the paranormal.

So I’ve written the book with every detail included.

It’s called ‘The Royal Physician Who Knew Too Much’ and it’s a blast.

Fun and entertaining they said.

Read more here.

My life is so much the richer for it.

I’m left wondering, what is normal?

Is normal what we make it?

Did I create my own normal?

Do you create your own normal?

Does everyone have their own normal?

Where everyone’s normal is different?

What if?

How do we know?

And is what we call the paranormal, beyond the normal, available to us all to expand our own lives, our own world?

Or the whole world?

What if beyond the normal is the new frontier?

Love and Peace


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What Happens When You Lose Everything?

Have you recently lost everything?

It’s happening to a lot of people today.

And that’s a tragedy.

I understand because it happened to me.

But that was 30 years ago when the world was a more hopeful place to be alive.

I get it.

I get something else that most people tend to miss.

I reinvented myself.

When you have nothing, when you’ve lost everything familiar, you make decisions, choices, let go, stop forcing things, you’ve created a vacuum.

And a vacuum must be filled with something else.

Think about that.

For 10 eventful years my life was filled with something else that mostly came to me.

I’ve written a book.

It’s about a sailor with a secret.

Now I have a story, my story, with a secret (or three) that fell into my lap.

Just by letting go and going with the fkow.

If you have nothing think about opening up to filling the vacuum.

Maybe it’s a spiritual thing.

Maybe something invisible comes to the rescue.

But maybe it’s you.

Just you.

And it costs nothing.

Think about it.

Love and Peace.


PS. Order your copy of my soul book ‘A True Paranormal Mystery To Change The World’ HERE.

I Didn’t See This Coming.

Just when I was down-and-out, when my freelance copywriting business of 10 years had hit the skids, I went bankrupt.

Strange things started to happen.

What was going on?

You’d think I had started a new life without intending to.

New things, new ideas, new open doors were rushing towards me.

Which is where my story begins.

Right here.

My first thought was survival.

I needed a place to live.


I had nothing.

I’d been offered a small Victorian holiday flat in a quiet springs resort in the Wombat Forest about one and a half hours from Melbourne.

I packed all my stuff into my car and went to the Central Highlands.

My life, as I knew it, was over.

I arrived with nothing, to nothing, with nothing to do.

Soon I was offered an old caravan for almost nothing.

I moved in and lived there for the next 5 years.

Parked precariously outside my benefactor’s home in the hills I could relax at last.

He created evocative airbrush paintings under the house.

She was a devoted follower of Sai Baba, her Indian Hindu guru.

An interesting couple.

We had many inspiring conversations.

The kind of mental and spiritual stimulus I’d been missing in the corporate world.

It was my new life among the sweet smells of Nature and the soothing sounds of the birds and the waterfall outside the caravan.

I felt at home there to ponder my fate and, well, to recover from the stresses of the past.

Then something happened that woke me from my reflective mood.

A file of documents about an historical mystery fell into my lap.

There was a friendly ghost from the past.

I’d been given, very mysteriously, a new challenge and my mind was off again.

And that mysterious file was the start of a new adventure that had my mind racing in a whole new direction I had not anticipated.

No way.

Which is where the intriguing material from the mystery file grabbed my attention.

Which soon became the focus of a new and amazing true story.

A 250-page book, a true story.

I’ve given my book a knockout title.

A very different title for a very different kind of book.

Of survival without money.

Of the paranormal.

And of the romantic.

Of a hushed up secret from the early days of British exploration around Australia and New Zealand.

One reviewer calls it “fun and entertaining”.

It’s an exciting story that took me to the other side of the planet chasing clues to a true historical romantic mystery across 5 countries.

I’ll tell you more next time.

Watch for my next post or follow me at aussiescribe.com.

Love and Peace,


You May Say I’m a Dreamer

Do you think you’re a dreamer?

We live at a time when I’m not sure if dreaming is acceptable.

What do you think?

Will you admit to being a dreamer?

Or do we live in a world that expects us to be busy, busy, busy, all the time?

Maybe it’s not so much expected of us but that it’s a case of reality.

Perhaps we no longer have any time for dreaming.

If that’s true, then we surely have lost something in our world, our way of life, our reason for living.

So the big question is, would you LIKE to be more of a dreamer?

Would you like to spend more time in your head, thinking, dreaming, creating castles in the air?

In my story of life without money I talk a lot about what happened to me when I had less time for stressful activities and plenty of time to let it all go.

Magic happened.

I dared to dream that anything was possible.

And that is what happened.

The unexpected appeared.

I’ve written every detail, every experience, every event that appeared out of nowhere and took me on a magical ride without a plan.

Like a dream that took me from zero to hero.

It’s a spiritual story.

You can read the rave reviews here or order your copy of ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

It’s full of twists and turns.

One review calls it a “fun and entertaining” read.

See for yourself.


Illustration above: ‘Thoughts Under Moon’ by Ellysiumn at DeviantArt.com.