‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’

Right from the start there’s a paranormal mystery. Why did the ‘Mary Ann’, the only all-female convict ship among the Third Fleet of convicts to Australia, leave England in 1791 in such a hurry before the rest of the fleet and “under strange circumstances”? Who was the Commander of the ‘Lady Nelson’ and what was his true shocking identity?

Have I found the missing children of George the Fourth? What did the Rev Robert Knopwood, first chaplain of Tasmania, really know? How did the paranormal drive and highlight hitherto covered up mysteries from the past from the time of Regency England? Who was the friendly ghost and what was her big message? And the pen-friends in England, New York and Northern Italy – was there romance? Did I fall in love?

Secret clues, channelings, inner voices, psychic advice, hidden history, chance meetings, serendipitous events and more all came to light at the right time following the bankruptcy of my small business. What secrets were uncovered, what historical mysteries revealed, how could I have known this true mystery book of a narrator’s adventures might change the world?

Have I found a new ethical way to live? Trusting the Universe and the Universe will have your back? It’s Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for every action in one direction there is an equal and opposite reaction in the other direction. It’s metaphysics. I’ve written a true paranormal story of trusting the Universe. The experience is paranormal, the principle is metaphysical. Is this how we can change the world, trusting the Universe?


For over 50 years I’ve been a writer. A ‘word smith’, you might say. My ancestors, the Smiths, Smids or Smythes, go back over 1,000 years to early crafters, blacksmiths and metalsmiths, of Britain. I learned my unique writing style during the Ad Revolution of the ’60s with those cheeky VW ads like ‘Think Small’ and ‘Lemon’ that launched the new VW Beetle. These provocative ads started the revolution everyone was talking about. Will my way of life start a whole new revolution with my different life-affirming story that could change the world for the better? I live close to my 2 daughters and 3 granddaughters in a seaside resort across the bay from Melbourne.


A painting of a small boat leaving the ‘Mary Ann’, the only all-female convict ship and one of eleven to sail to Australia from England in 1791 as the Third Fleet. She sailed hastily a month ahead of the rest “under strange circumstances”.


* a friendly ghost with a secret message,

* several amazing channelings,

* hitherto unknown drama on he High Seas,

* whole health natural healing stories,

* unexpected secret lives of numerous British Royals,

* the English Doctor banished for life to the antipodes for knowing too much,

* a number of mystery ships like the ‘HMS Lady Nelson’,

* a secret Royal marriage,

* Australia’s only military coup,

* an unbelievable sequel to ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ with another mutiny against William Bligh,

* an unknown unsung hero of the 1800s,

* how I started an annual Swiss-Italian Festa in a mineral springs resort in Victoria that’s still running today,

* Italian miners who risked all in Australia’s Gold Rush in the 1850s and how I came to visit where they came from in northern Italy many years later.

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You can make a difference in the world by thinking about how to trust the Universe as I have here in Book One. And by following my life-affirming experiences I’ve featured in Book 2. Love and Peace. Neil. 

READ ABOUT book two in my ‘Change The World’ series titled ‘Romancing Your Life & Changing The World’. HERE.

Love and Peace.