We Should Still Be Swinging From The Trees.

Evolution had not been kind with human’s physical bodies.

Do you have back problems?

Chances are, it’s evolution.

We need to deal with how evolution has screwed with us early.

It’s the other half of why we age.

One is entropy.

The other is evolution.


When we first came down from the trees we started walking upright.

It saved energy.

Everything was suddenly easier.

Huge energy saver.

But our bodies didn’t adapt soon enough to deal with this massive change.

Here’s the crunch.

They still haven’t.

Why are we all walking upright now?

Seven million years after we came down from the trees and started walking upright?

Recent studies have also suggested that, rather than taking millions of years to evolve from a hunched position as is commonly believed, our early ancestors were already capable of standing and walking upright the moment they descended from the trees.” (Live Science)


So have we all been walking upright prematurely?

To save energy.

Not so much as an evolutionary advance at all.

Is this the only reason, then, we are not all falling over in the street and returning to the trees?

Just so we can save energy?

But now we have supermarkets to save us energy.

So are we walking, and running, and jumping, ahead of time?

Seven million years ahead?

I know.

I have a spinal stenosis.

Messages don’t get through from my brain to my legs telling them how to walk.

After assuming that walking doesn’t come easy because, in spite of having excellent leg strength, I keep falling over, what’s happening?

Why can’t I walk?

Why must I focus on the placement of every step, one at a time, when I see others walking with ease without falling over?

I’m wondering whether it has anything to do with the evolution of humans coming out of the trees and walking upright?

Seems like, in evolutionary terms, it was instant.


Survival it seems.

To save energy.

Not any physical modification of the human/ape body to meet an evolutionary advance?

So are we stuck with a creature who has made a very physical move before its time?.

Is our body still meant to swing from the trees?

Have we beat the gun and advanced, in evolution terms, before we’re ready?

Is that why our bodies are so screwed?

So many of us with back and spinal problems?

And what physical modification has occurred in those intervening 7 million years since we came down out of the trees?

The placement of the scull on the top of the spine to cope with the upright stature.

Otherwise, I can’t find anything major.

So my immediate thoughts are

Is ageing caused by evolution?

Evolution and entropy?

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith .

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How to Slow or Stop Ageing With This #1 Anti-Ageing Secret.

You may not have heard of “entropy”.

Most people probably haven’t.

Yet you should know and understand the effect of entropy on the ageing process.

More important.

You need to know how you can stop – or delay – the effect of entopy on your mind and body.

Ageing is too important not to understand this.

At any age.

What is entropy?

It’s Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics.

That everything rises and falls.

Into chaos.




Ashes to ashes.

The Roman Empire rose and fell.

Pop groups come and go.

Ghost towns once were thriving communities.

Abandoned, weeds grow and buildings fall apart.

Same with our physical bodies.

We need to take care of them so they don’t fall into entropy for as long as possible.

Don’t become like an abandoned building.

Same with our minds.

You need to keep your mind active for as long as possible.

That’s my number one secret of delaying your age.


One key is to feed your mind with positive creative thoughts.

Leading to positive creative activity.

Even after your body has given up.

Here’s a link to help you with your most creative, positive thoughts.

To stimulate ideas of your mind to keep entropy at bay.

Remember, entropy is your number one enemy of ageing.

At any age.

Don’t accept your true age as a number, a statistic of when you were born.

Your real age is the time you can keep entropy away.

Away from both your body and your mind.

I wish you a long and happy, long life.

Neil the Smith.

How Entropy Can Stop You From Ageing. Even At 30.

Entropy is a secret code word for eternal youth.

It’s also a law of physics.

Known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

So why don’t we know about this?

Every physical thing rises and falls.

Like the Roman Empire.

Like ghost towns fallen from their heyday.

Like us.

We’re firstly young then we’re old.

And when we’re young we don’t want to think about old.

In today’s modern world we don’t want to think about old.

Until, one day, old arrives.

That’s entropy.


Why does our body get struck down with physical illnesses when we still have an active brain, a mind, a soul?

But entropy only cares about your body, not your mind or your soul.

Why must it be so.

So what if the only way to stop entropy is to intervene when we’re still young?

Should our ever-ageing body be subject to an anti-ageing consciousness while time is still on our side?

And should we be consciously seeking wisdom at an early age so that, if and when entropy arrives, we still have a timeless mind to outlive our ageing bodies?

To outlive and conquer entropy?

Then, if we believe that our mind creates our reality, maybe we have a shot at expecting long life, even in a physical sense.

How else can we defeat, or delay, entropy?

Yes, living longer and better can be about what we eat

And looking after our body.

And other factors.

And then there’s entropy.

Do we ever think about entropy?

Could that be another key factor in growing old?

Or not.

Has entropy always been a missing factor?

The elephant in the room.

We live in a time when we have knowledge and wisdom, or the source of, at our fingertips.

I mean the fingertips we use to search, or to chat, online for whatever we need.

In an instant.

Does wisdom come from having adventures and living a full life?

Granted, today it’s easier to have adventures from where we are.

Adventures of the mind.

That shouldn’t stop us from living your adventure.

To be sure, living longer can be about what we eat.

It could be about taking care of our body.

Do you ever think about living longer, or better, because of what you think.

About what’s in your mind?

Think about it.

Let’s tackle entropy right now.

Take care.


Further reading: ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’ by Deepak Chopra.