How To Romance Your Life

What do I mean ‘romance your life? Is it an idea we were born with, that our lives were meant to be different to what we’ve been told?
How are we to make that shift from what we’ve been told to a different reality, one that was how we were meant to live?

Have you ever been in love?

Then you will know the feeling of being in love and how everything takes on a new exhilaration in life, like you’re floating on air.
That’s what I mean about life as it was meant to be lived.
A famous movie star once said she always performed her best work when she was in love.
I think it was Bette Davis.

What does ‘romancing’ mean then?

Why can’t life always be a ‘quality or feeling of mystery, excitement and remoteness from everyday life’ as described by a dictionary definition of ‘romance’?
Does this describe your life right now? Or not?
It’s a mystery, isn’t it?
Because, after all, I’ve got to believe it’s how we were meant to live, don’t you think?
Surely it’s where we are being drawn when we have feelings of inadequacy, failure, depression or midlife crisis.
It’s what’s going on whenever we feel unhappy about our lives. Isn’t it?
What if adjusting to romance is the way to fix it.
“Follow your bliss and doors will open where you never knew they existed” said mythology author Joseph Campbell.
Bliss = Romance.

Want to know more?

I hope the ideas in my new book ‘Romancing Your Life & Changing The World’ (buy your copy above) will bring you a little closer to that idealised state of existence, life as she was meant to be lived, the true romance that is your life.

Love and Peace.


85% Of Us Hate Our Jobs. 2 In 3 Of Our Kids Are Bored At School. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Why can’t we create the kind of world we all clearly want?

Like not hating our jobs.

Where our kids aren’t bored at school.

A big ask?

Yes. It’s a big problem.

I wonder if that’s not the elephant in the room of our world of increasing illness, mental issues, depression and suicide.

At present, it’s philosophical, speculation, I suggest, a spiritual answer to the question, what’s wrong with this picture?

At the same time aren’t those statistics a real problem?

Does anyone care?

There’s an interesting spiritual concept I want to play over to you.

What if, for example, we’re born with a Plan.

Let’s say, a decision is made for every one of us – we’re there at the meeting – as to the Plan for our life.

This Plan is based on who we are, our previous skills in past lives, where we’ve been, what we’d like to achieve this lifetime, how we aim to achieve all that.

Then we’re born, into a life and an environment best suited to begin our planned adventure.

Yes, adventure.

Let’s say, too, that in order to spare us the weight of having the details of our entire life’s Plan the moment we are born, that it is broken into 7 episodes.

And that those 7 episodes are spread through our life once every 7 years.

We can expect to live the first 7 years getting to know our new environment, to learn from those formative years and from the people in it everything we need to grow and survive before we are burdened with conditioning from outside.

Then, every 7 years another episode is released into our internal knowledge bank.

It’s how we grow and learn.

Until the age of 49.

So that is, 7×7=49.

The second episode of the Plan comes at puberty.

That’s age 14.

Next at 21 we ‘become of age’.

Then 28, 35, 42 and 49.

They’re all significant years.

By best age in life was 35, my one-man small business went bankrupt at 49.

Mid-life crisis comes at around 49, when the final update arrives.

What about you?

Why don’t we consider rearranging our lives – and our growth – around the 7×7 model.

Find Your Passion, Make It Happen

Why can’t our learning revolve around allowing our children to find and pursue their passions, doing what they enjoy, finding their innate skills.

This would be part of the Plan, their Destiny.

There are proven examples of this in Montessori Schools and Rudolph Steiner Schools.

Why can’t school programs tie in with the 7 year injections of the Plan for school kids.

Which would mean at age 7 and 14 internal changes could be recognised and planned for without teenagers having to struggle with not only hormonal changes but outdated parental conditioning and expectations.

It’s how we can create a more compassionate understanding of teenagers.

Same with us.

Your work, your job, your career, should be your passion, something you love doing every day.

If 85% of us go through life hating what we do, how is that in the interests of society?

Of our health and wellbeing?

And for productivity?

I’m asking whether we all need to live lives that follow the Plan I spoke about, a Destiny that was created before we are born, the perfect Plan that holds our best interests at heart.

Then would 85% of us hate what we do for a living?

Would 2 in 3 high school kids dislike school because of boredom?

And then would our world still be so overwhelmed by mental illness, depression and tragic suicides?

Is this the elephant in the room of society today?

What do you think.

Neil Smith (author of ‘Man Steps Off Planet’)

Sources: ‘The World’s Broken Workplace’. ‘Most Students Bored At School’.

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When The Dust Clears . . . How Are We Supposed To Live?

You may not believe me when I say I’ve lived the good life with nothing for last 30 years. So I wonder, have I already lived the model for how we are supposed to live in the future?

There are secrets I wish to share.

Experiments in life that we would only tackle when our back was to the wall.

Some of my experiences were crazy.

I embarked on adventures I would never have even imagined had my life and small business not have crashed leaving me with nothing.

I lived in an old caravan in the Australian bush for 5 years, homeless, penniless and lost.

Then, what happened was an adventure I could never have contemplated or planned unless my back was to the wall.

Which is the title of the book I’ve written about what happened next.

It’s called ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

But there’s more.

My experiences have made me realise that we need a whole new system of welfare to enable everyone, no matter what their financial situation, whether employed or living in poverty, to survive and to live a good life.

The philosophy has already been proposed, even tested in some countries, and supported by a long list of prominent business people and economists.

There’s Barak Obama, economist Milton Freidman, Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branston, and a whole list of others.

It’s called a Universal Basic Income.

This world changing plan provides every citizen above a certain age, without a means test, to receive a guaranteed basic income, enough to survive.

Everyone would be free to earn a regular income as well or to do as they wished with the money.

It’s their choice.

With such a safety net anyone can follow their dreams, their passions, and still be successful over time.

Especially if time is what they need.

In my case, I tried to establish a new trend in advertising creativity.

I had no capital backing me and so my freelance copywriting business crashed and burned.

Same with my daughter who started her own massage business that went downhill through no fault of her own.

Who knows how many talented people have been struggling to survive after attempting to implement their potential genius.

But there are other secrets I learned on how to survive and thrive.

I certainly haven’t become depressed or settle for living in poverty.

Instead I’ve followed my lifetime dream to write and publish my own books and, in so doing, kept my brain active and alive.

I was able to work from home, wherever that was, even in a caravan.

It’s a secret to living a long and healthy life.

It’s been the secret of keeping alive following my passion for the past 30 years.

Nothing should hinder the urge to follow our passion, even if for artisans, for example, the income that those passions generate take time to materialise.

Which is a good reason why the world needs the support of a Universal Basic Income.

Is it so crazy to suggest that the time to prepare for the future is now?

I share my other big secrets in my book ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

I’ll give you a hint. You might be surprised to know that I was greatly influenced by Napoleon Hill’s bestseller ‘Think & Grow Rich’ (click to view video) combined with Stuart Wilde’s ideas (click to view video).

Best wishes


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