What Is a Soul Mate?

Everyone today seems to be searching for their soul mate.
Or do they mean twin soul?
Or twin flame?
What is the difference, if there is one, between a twin soul and a soul mate?
Have you ever thought about it?
Whenever someone talks to me about searching for their soul mate I ask them,
“Or do you mean twin soul?”
And most of the time I get a blank look as if to say,
“I never thought of that.”
So what is the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul? If there is one.
Twin souls are, well, like twins.
They come from the same soul, or womb, and are here to achieve a common or similar goal,either together or independently.
Both Darwin and Wallace arrived at much the same theory of evolution at the same time, so they were twin souls who, rather than working in collaboration, developed the same theories, concurrently but independently.
Like insurance, if one didn’t get it the other one probably would.
Logarithms, you’ll be interested to know, were discovered by both John Napier of Scotland and Joost Burgi of Switzerland around the same time.
The microchip was invented twice within half a year of each other, first by Jack Kilby (1958) and then Robert Noyce (1959).
So what are soul mates and how are they different from a twin soul?
Soul mates are different souls, mates, who may have known each other in past lives, who feel a strong bond with each other or who have agreed to meet up to help each other or to learn from each other, often as a teacher for the other.
“You complete me” are the words of a soul mate.
“I am complete” are the words of a twin soul.
They can be your closest friend or someone who irritates you no end, depending on what their purpose is in being mates and what you need to teach/learn.
I’ve been told that I see my greatest faults in my partner.
Soul mate.
I’d like to think that the subjects of some of the greatest love stories in history might have agreed to meet again as soul mates to live out uncompleted lives.
To complete each other.
Love at first sight.
Did Lancelot and Guinevere and other tragic love stories return as soul mates?
What if you were one of them.
There are many theories on the question of what is a soul?
Mine is that the essence of our soul or higher self is what animates our physical body.
Not our soul but its essence.
Imagine that your soul is like a vast ocean which began as a clear ocean of water aeons ago.
With each lifetime a bucketful of the water from the clear ocean is drawn as the essence of a single lifetime.
That is not your soul but the essence of your soul.
The experiences of each lifetime you’ve ever lived accumulate in that ocean and therefore in that bucket of water, let’s say as colours, a different colour for each experience which are returned to the ocean when we die.
Suppose this happens over and over with each lifetime and the once clear water of the ocean becomes coloured with the experiences of every lifetime.
Each life adds more colours (experiences) to your ocean and each new life’s individual essence contains the colours (experiences) of that life to add to the ocean of coloured water.
I’d prefer to call it essence not soul.
Atman which is Brahman.
Essence which is soul.
So twin souls would be two bucketfuls draw from the same ocean.
Soul mates, on the other hand, are bucketfuls of coloured water drawn from different oceans.
Then there are group souls.
Group souls need to socialise.
Have you ever wondered why a flock of birds in flight all change direction at precisely the same moment?
It’s because most birds and animals are members of a group soul.
So were we, I believe, in ages past.
Then we, at some point, break away and individuate.
Then we are complete.

Love and Peace,


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Destiny. Evolution. Reincarnation. The Big Picture.

I wonder if there isn’t a bigger picture to some of the hotly debated questions of life, creation, destiny, evolution, reincarnation.

What if, as part of the Big Bang and invisible to us all today, a myriad intelligences were created, energies we now call ‘souls’.

Today we call that the Creation.

Like everything else at the Big Bang these were energies with potentialities to become intelligent beings way into the future.

Precisely what they would become was built into their memories.

How they would get there was not.

That was up to the experiences each would encounter along the way – through eons of time.

Each ‘soul’ would encounter different experiences thus making each one different on their way to their end goal.

We call that our Destiny.

Survival of the fittest and natural selection represents survival and selection best suited to advance toward the goal implanted in their memories.

Rather than random selection and survival of the fittest in competition with their immediate rivals.

Which brings into question the basics of Social Darwinism.

Their experiences along the way we call Evolution.

I wonder, do we ever take into account the big picture, the one born eons ago at the Big Bang.

We see only a fraction of the physical evolution over a brief period in the life (so far) of the soul.

Would we change our perception of the Meaning of Life if we were to consider the bigger picture, the soul life of everything, each with its own mission both in and outside this earthly existence?

We can never know what that mission is, of course, for all of Creation.

All we can do is to seek our own purpose in life, our mission here on earth, to make sense of what’s going on in the big picture.

So is a crucial part of the experience sought by each potential intelligence gained through many lifetimes, many incarnations, like a sculpture being chiseled out of a lump of stone?

Or tempered by the steel of a sword, from the fire to the water and back?

Today we call that Reincarnation.

Does the sum total of our experiences, our many lifetimes, the good and the bad, give us the whole picture?

And does that idea give us a reason for our lives right now?

Which at times probably makes no sense at all.

You might protest that it’s not fair.

Don’t we have free will?

Yes we do which happens when we are seeing the small picture rather than the bigger picture.

If life is about experiences then we certainly need our free will.

“Don’t refuse the adventure” writes mythology author Joseph Campbell.

Free will.

And then, was it God the Creator that created the Big Bang in the first place?

What do you think?

Neil (author of ‘Man Steps Off Planet‘)