Have I Found Australia’s Secret King?

I’ve written a book revealing clues to a secret hidden until now in the Third Fleet of female convicts sent to the new colony of Australia.

The ship was named the ‘Mary Ann’.

Here is the cover of my true story showing a painting of a small boat with secrets being smuggled ashore even before she offloaded her cargo of suffering female convicts.

So what was the big hurry?

This rare unknown painting shows a small boat leaving the ‘Mary Ann’, the only all-female convict ship and one of eleven to sail to Australia from England in 1791 as the Third Fleet.

She sailed hastily a month ahead of the rest “under strange circumstances”.

“You have discerned an amazing story.” – Writer’s Digest

Right from the start there’s a paranormal mystery.

Why did the ‘Mary Ann’, the only all-female convict ship among the Third Fleet of convicts to Australia, leave England in 1791 in such a hurry before the rest of the fleet and “under strange circumstances”?

Who was the Commander of the ‘Lady Nelson’ and what was his true shocking identity?

Have I found the unsuspected unknown missing children of George IV?

Even legitimate children.

What happened to them?

Maybe I know.

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Who was the secret legitimate heir sent to the antipodes 200 years ago?


Portrait of  Mrs Maria Fitzherbert (1756-1837), secret wife of George IV (1762-1803)

Was this forgotten man, Acting Commander of the Tall Ship Lady Nelson’  from 1803, a secret legitimate royal heir to the British throne?

I have found convincing evidence that he was.

I’ve written an account of how the evidence unfolded for me, day by exciting day, a story full of unexpected discoveries and endless twists and turns, in my book ‘Back to the Wall’.

When my back was to the wall.

Being an ex advertising copywriter this was a story I simply couldn’t ignore.

Okay, what’s this “amazing story” I have discerned (according to Writer’s Digest*)?

Clues left by secret messages – and a ghost – led me to the ‘Lady Nelson’, one of the sailing ships that arrived in Australia soon after the Third Fleet comprising 11 ships that sailed from England to Australia in 1791 to start a penal settlement on the other side of the world.

And significantly to an enigmatic Commander who, at just 24, took over in an emergency.

Was Lieutenant James Simmons (or Symons)  the legitimate heir sent to the antipodes and out of the way?

Was a secret marriage between the Prince of Wales, King George IV, and a Catholic widow, Maria Fitzherbert,  legal?

The Pope said it was!

Join me as I share every moment of my fun and entertaining romantic world adventure chasing the clues that led me to uncover surprising revelations from my historical research in Australia, Regency England and New Zealand.

It’s an unexpected adventure across five countries and you can share my emotions and the events that emerged as I followed my instincts – always with nothing.

I was broke, bankrupt.

My back was to the wall.

Read my story of survival together with the fun and the drama as I describe every moment as it unfolded.

It’s a blast.

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* “You have discerned an amazing story. It’s got everything it needs to be a blockbuster: romance, history, the paranormal and the story of a narrator finding his way in the world. Big stories like this are difficult to tell.
The writer has to sift the really important facts from those that don’t keep the story moving. Keeping the reader oriented – and engaged – in a story with twists and turns like this is no small feat either.”Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

A Royal Affair & More Exposed

Mary Robinson (Gainsborough)

One night in 1779, accompanied by his minders, sixteen year-old George the Prince of Wales attended a performance of ‘The Winter’s Tale’. He was besotted by the beautiful young actress playing Perdita, Mary Robinson.

They met often. Then one night under the cover of great secrecy, Mary was smuggled into the Prince’s apartments. What happened that night, more than a year before the Prince’s eighteenth birthday and his freedom to do as he pleased, I wonder.

Could there have been a child from this, the Prince’s very first romantic encounter with the opportunity for this to have been possible?

Mary later wrote a moving description of their clandestine meetings:

“The moon was now rising, and the idea of His Royal Highness being seen out at so unusual an hour, terrified the whole group. After a few more words of the most affectionate nature, uttered by the Prince, we parted. The rank of the Prince no longer chilled into awe that being who now considered him as the lover and the friend. The graces of this person, the tenderness of his melodious, yet manly voice, will be remembered by me, till every vision of this changing scene shall be forgotten.”

On his eighteenth birthday the Prince was given his own private apartments at Buckingham House as well as rooms at Windsor Castle.

Now he was free to indulge in what became a life of assemblies, balls, masquerades, horseracing, gambling, drinking, clubs and women. Finally he was free (relatively speaking) from the strict moral constraints of his father.

His affair with Mary Robinson soon became an open affair.

They became the talk of the town.

But it wasn’t to last.

One day there was the letter “full of boundless affection and admiration,” the next day a letter telling her they would never meet again.

Why the sudden overnight reversal of his affections?

Was this just the Prince being himself?

Or was there another more secretive reason?

Mary was broken hearted. She later wrote sorrowfully of the time “he saw me in Hyde Park, he turned his head away to avoid seeing me, and affected not to know me.”

Could the reason have been that she was carrying his child this time?

I explore these tantalizing possibilities, and more, like a secret marriage and what may have happened afterwards.

Was it a true marriage, or not?

And were there children?

What if there were?

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