Does Destiny Play a Part in our Fortunes?

When famous popular and jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996) entered an amateur talent show at the Globe Theatre in New York she entered as a dancer, changed her mind, and won the $25 first prize as a singer.

She went on to a singing career lasting 6 decades winning 13 Emmys and earning the title of ‘First Lady of Song’.

At the time she was 18 years of age and living in an orphanage.

She was a favourite singer in my youth.

Did her destiny step in and invite her to change her mind at the last minute?

Was she being drawn to becoming a famous and successful singer and not a dancer?

When George Lucas was recovering from a bad racing car accident he began to conceive his ideas for ‘Star Wars’ after reading Joseph Campbell’s book ‘The Hero With a Thousand Faces’.

I’m sure you know the rest.

Did the disaster he suffered in his racing car career lead him to his fame as the creator of ‘Star Wars’?

In the world today we tend to try to hold on to the past when it’s taken from us.

The same happened to me when my freelance copywriting career of 10 years was taken from me in bankruptcy.

I survived to become an author and to live a happier life.

Is this the working of destiny?

What happens when the unexplainable redirects our lives to go the way we never intended?

I wonder, is that destiny?

Does it have our best interests at heart?

But then, don’t we have free will, to go in whatever direction we choose?

Maybe we have both.

And we can choose.

Which is free will.

I’m not suggesting you should abandon a good idea you’ve already started.

But then, to keep an open mind to opportunities in other directions that present themselves just when you’re feeling dejected about losing something you’ve already started.

“I just trust my beeps,” said the winner of a creativity business award recently.

Maybe we should always trust our beeps.

Here is what the Greek philosopher Plato had to say about our destiny.

Clearly he believed that we chose our destiny ourselves before we are born.

This extract is from his ‘Republic’:

“Now, when all the souls had chosen their lives in the order of the lots, they advanced in their turn to Lachesis, who dispatched with each of them the Destiny he had selected, to guard his life and satisfy his choice . . . and in a moment the souls were carried up to their birth, this way and that, like shooting stars.”

I invite you to read more about how my life changed after everything crashed and burned in my book ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

Best wishes and good fortune.


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Survival Outside The Square

Survival from nothing.

I’ve been there and I know how to turn survival on its head.

I did it and I’m still here to tell you how.

In my inspirational book I outline the steps I took outside the nine dots.

Which is not what everyone else will tell you.

Because I’m different.

I didn’t fall for the usual advice based on money.

To me survival isn’t about the money.

I’ve proved it.

For me it’s about our life and how we were meant to live it.

It’s about our destiny, about letting go, about being open to the new which may be waiting for us the wings.

My book starts off with bankruptcy.

And my life was all uphill from there.

Like I said, it’s not about the money.

It’s about my life.

It’s about everybody’s life.

Ultimately, it’s about finding happiness and fulfilment.

It’s about being there for your family when they need you.

And it’s about having fun while you still can.

Ask yourself, is this the sea change I’ve been dreaming about?

So here’s the shocking truth about my need to survive after my life and career in advertising crashed and burned.

This is when my real life began.

Isn’t that all about our perspective?

Whether your life or career is in trouble, or has already crash landed, think outside the nine dots and think about starting the life you were meant to live.

I did.

Order your copy of my book ‘Man Steps Off Planet’ HERE.

Follow me there outside the square.

Best wishes.


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How I Lived On A Shoestring (And What You Have To Do)

Living on a shoestring is easy when you know how and what you have to do.

I did it so I know what you need to do.

I’ve put everything in an inspirational book ‘Back to the Wall’ which tells of my journey after bankruptcy.

I describe exactly what I did from the day after I lost all and, then, what happened after that.

Along the way I inherited an historical mystery about the early days of the British settlement of Australia which, while struggling for my very survival, I followed with unexpected revelations.

It’s a good read as well.

This is not a book with instructions on how to live on a shoestring.

It’s an adventure story about how I was left with no choice but to live that way.

And what I had to do.

Follow my lead and you will learn how to live a good life on a shoestring.

You can look over my shoulder as I learn in the doing.

At the same time I’ll take you with me on an adventure following the clues to a real mystery.

It’s a page turner.

“This is a fun and entertaining manuscript,” said one review, “the readers will truly love this material.”

We’re living in a new world.

We need a new mindset.

Written before the world changed, this is the new mindset written ahead of it’s time.

And for its time.

It’s also a fun and entertaining read.

I really hope you will read my book and follow my experience into a more peaceful and happier life.

Best wishes.


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How to Love Your Life.

Life can be full of ups and downs.
At times, for some people most times, life can be mainly down.
I get it and I’ve written about my experience here, hoping it might help others.
I’ve been there and it sucks.
The worst part is when you can’t see a way out.
It can seem like this condition will go on forever.
I know, I’ve been there.
For 5 years I lived in a friend’s old caravan parked by the roadside outside their home in a small country town in the Australian bush.
I had just been declared bankrupt and I thought it was the end of my life. I’d been a freelance advertising copywriter in Melbourne where I had, over the past 30 years, worked at some of the hottest ad agencies in town.
Now my life was over and I had failed.
So my best advice, the great wisdom I gained from the experience of wanting to die, is this:
When you think it’s the end and you have failed, it’s likely just the beginning of something new and better than you ever had before.
I’d lost everything but, as it turned out, it didn’t matter.
Which is the second most important wisdom I can pass on to you:
It’s okay to let go … of everything if necessary.
Let go and go with the flow.
It’s against all we’re taught in our society, isn’t it.
Yet this is the path from a life that you don’t love to a life that you do (or will if only you can let go of what hasn’t worked for you).
It’s a bit scary, I know.
But not as scary as hanging on to a life in which you no longer belong.
The third essential wisdom I learned was this:
What you think is what you get.
Your thoughts may be creating your reality.
Stop thinking and talking about what you don’t love about your life because your thoughts will only bring more of the same.
Start thinking and talking and reading about what you’d like instead of dwelling on what you’ve got.
You have a purpose, find out what it is and go for it.
You need to love your life.
I did it and have never looked back.
You can read about what happened to me and how I dug myself out of the hole I was in in my book ‘Back to the Wall’.
Get your copy HERE.
As you read ask yourself, how can you apply what I lived – and learned – in your own life?
I wish you luck – and love.

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