50 ideas for a better life & a better world you can start today

This is where it all began, my life in an old caravan parked by the roadside in the Aussie bush

How are we supposed to live?

Why are we here?

What are we meant to be doing with our lives?

And most important of all, how are we to survive in the everyday day-to-day struggle to live a decent life.

Here I am today living the happy life in a small fishing village by the bay close to my family

I’ve done it all from nothing.

I mean nothing.

And I now know a lot that I didn’t know back then when my life crashed and burned.

Here in one book is what I’ve learned about real life from the ultimate failure, bankruptcy, to the ultimate survival in life, to be living my ideal lifestyle in a small fishing village by the bay.

Packed with bite sized wisdom you can apply right now.

With often shocking life truths drawn from the likes of Socrates, Gandhi, Walt Disney, George Lucas, Buddha, Gurdjieff, Benjamin Franklin, Lao Tzu and others, this is a compact exploration of how to safely negotiate the minefield of life.

Read the book, determine to change your life from that moment, choose what speaks to you and start putting whatever appeaals to you into practice.

Watch how everything changes – for the better – as it did for me.

You might even change the world.

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Best wishes.

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