Align Yourself to Creation.

Live in harmony with Creation.

It’s the secret of Life.

Of survival.

Of long life.

Of natural health.

It’s the secret of you.

To align yourself with Creation.

And it costs nothing.

It’s the secret of living how you were meant to live.

With no big issues.

If you encounter any then you face and overcome them.

It’s the challenge of life.

The adventure.

And it’s why were here.

The meaning of Life.


Don’t refuse the adventure.

It’s the Go of the Game.

Start the game and start winning.

You can be the Hero of your own adventure.

Not famous.

Not an influencer.

Only you will know.

Only you can win the game.

But you’ve got to be in the game.

Align yourself with the game now.

Get started and start winning.

But you have to be in the game to win.

Your game is called the Game of Creation.

Start at Go now.

Think about what I’ve said.

Be in it.

Love and peace.


Neil the Smith
My Author Page

PS. Over a thousand years ago, in medieval Britain, the Smiths were the craftsman, the metal smiths, the blacksmiths, who created the basis of society. Today I’m the creator Smith who, as a wordsmith, creates the society (again). With words, not the sword.

Destiny. Evolution. Reincarnation. The Big Picture.

I wonder if there isn’t a bigger picture to some of the hotly debated questions of life, creation, destiny, evolution, reincarnation.

What if, as part of the Big Bang and invisible to us all today, a myriad intelligences were created, energies we now call ‘souls’.

Today we call that the Creation.

Like everything else at the Big Bang these were energies with potentialities to become intelligent beings way into the future.

Precisely what they would become was built into their memories.

How they would get there was not.

That was up to the experiences each would encounter along the way – through eons of time.

Each ‘soul’ would encounter different experiences thus making each one different on their way to their end goal.

We call that our Destiny.

Survival of the fittest and natural selection represents survival and selection best suited to advance toward the goal implanted in their memories.

Rather than random selection and survival of the fittest in competition with their immediate rivals.

Which brings into question the basics of Social Darwinism.

Their experiences along the way we call Evolution.

I wonder, do we ever take into account the big picture, the one born eons ago at the Big Bang.

We see only a fraction of the physical evolution over a brief period in the life (so far) of the soul.

Would we change our perception of the Meaning of Life if we were to consider the bigger picture, the soul life of everything, each with its own mission both in and outside this earthly existence?

We can never know what that mission is, of course, for all of Creation.

All we can do is to seek our own purpose in life, our mission here on earth, to make sense of what’s going on in the big picture.

So is a crucial part of the experience sought by each potential intelligence gained through many lifetimes, many incarnations, like a sculpture being chiseled out of a lump of stone?

Or tempered by the steel of a sword, from the fire to the water and back?

Today we call that Reincarnation.

Does the sum total of our experiences, our many lifetimes, the good and the bad, give us the whole picture?

And does that idea give us a reason for our lives right now?

Which at times probably makes no sense at all.

You might protest that it’s not fair.

Don’t we have free will?

Yes we do which happens when we are seeing the small picture rather than the bigger picture.

If life is about experiences then we certainly need our free will.

“Don’t refuse the adventure” writes mythology author Joseph Campbell.

Free will.

And then, was it God the Creator that created the Big Bang in the first place?

What do you think?

Neil (author of ‘Man Steps Off Planet‘)

Is Life A Quest To Find Peace Amongst The Noise?

At the age of 11 I started high school which was located on a noisy main road with clattering trams passing every few minutes ding, ding, dinging their bells. In those first few weeks I thought I would go crazy with the traffic noise outside.

After a while I forgot the noise and began to pay attention to my teachers instead of the trams.

Was this a metaphor for life?

All my life I’ve sought the solitude of being alone, searching for peace, whether among Nature or in the midst of family, work or just life.

I’ve owned a country cottage where I would find my peace and worked in offices in the heart of the big city of Melbourne.

In the end, finally, I can say I can find peace wherever I happen to be.

So I’m wondering if this is the point of being alive on this planet, the purpose of life if you like.

To find our peace among the clatter, the ding, ding, dinging going on outside our head.

I’m wondering if we need to be more tolerant of the noise around us instead of reacting to it, as I have done for most of my life.

Could this be the secret of overcoming stress and anxiety which have become so prevalent in our society today.

Deal with it, yes, but reacting to it, I’m not so sure.

I can say this because I am the greatest offender in overreacting to the noise and disharmony around me.

So I can speak from experience.

Didn’t the Buddha talk about first learning to “chop wood, cart water”?

Is this what he meant?

I’m working on it.

I hope that my experience can benefit you too.

Best wishes,


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50 ideas for a better life & a better world you can start today

This is where it all began, my life in an old caravan parked by the roadside in the Aussie bush

How are we supposed to live?

Why are we here?

What are we meant to be doing with our lives?

And most important of all, how are we to survive in the everyday day-to-day struggle to live a decent life.

Here I am today living the happy life in a small fishing village by the bay close to my family

I’ve done it all from nothing.

I mean nothing.

And I now know a lot that I didn’t know back then when my life crashed and burned.

Here in one book is what I’ve learned about real life from the ultimate failure, bankruptcy, to the ultimate survival in life, to be living my ideal lifestyle in a small fishing village by the bay.

Packed with bite sized wisdom you can apply right now.

With often shocking life truths drawn from the likes of Socrates, Gandhi, Walt Disney, George Lucas, Buddha, Gurdjieff, Benjamin Franklin, Lao Tzu and others, this is a compact exploration of how to safely negotiate the minefield of life.

Read the book, determine to change your life from that moment, choose what speaks to you and start putting whatever appeaals to you into practice.

Watch how everything changes – for the better – as it did for me.

You might even change the world.

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Best wishes.

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Do You Only Live Twice?

The idea is everywhere, if we are looking for it.

It’s in popular movies, novels, ancient mythology, self-help books, religions, in the James Bond movie of that name, our everyday lives.

It’s central to events that happened to me in my fun and entertaining book ‘Back to the Wall’.

Here’s how my second life began.

To quote from Chapter 4:

“I sat myself down on the public bench in front of the flats. The mountain air was crisp and damp. I felt numbed by the thought that this morning I had woken to another world, a new life, a different me. The world was still the same. Only I had changed.”

So what happened?

When disaster strikes, most people think the worst.

Which is a big mistake.

Instead it’s the time to think of how to get their second life started.

I thought my life was over. There was nothing left for me.

How could I have been so wrong?

As you will read in my story this was to be just the beginning of my second life.

What a blast that second life became.

And therein lies a lesson for everyone who meets a major life crisis.

I truly believe that we do live twice and a life disaster or crisis is an invitation to begin the second and, perhaps, attract the success and good fortune you deserve.

Read about what happened to me in my fun and entertaining book.

When we meet adversity in our lives, suffer some unexpected disaster or change, even what we commonly call the mid-life crisis, that’s the moment when we have the opportunity to embrace our second lives.

In the first life maybe we screw up. I know, it’s what happened to me.

In the second life, a new frontier may be inviting us to make good and to set out on achieving our true destiny, the real purpose in our lives.

But then, don’t think for a moment it’;s something being forced on us.

We still have free will, the choice to take up the new challenge being offered to us or to go back to the life that brought us to the point of disaster.

Read what happened to me after my first life crashed and burned in ‘Back to the Wall’ – order your copy now HERE.