What They Didn’t Tell Us About Life.

It’s how I came to search for ethical Truth and look what I found.

It’s in my new 104 page book.

In what seems a lifetime ago a chance meeting with a Librarian who became a close friend opened a door that I found I couldn’t resist.

Was there more to life than meets the eye?

So began my own lifelong search I tell the story of my meeting with the Librarian in the first chapter of this book.

The following 17 chapters tell of unusual personal experiences that followed that reveal my quest to find it.

As if I had opened the door to the answers I was seeking.

Although I didn’t know it.

A second evolution.

Parallel lives.

The secret of Destiny.

What our soul can tell us.

The unknown cause of climate change.

The ethical nature-affirming culture that’s already changing the planet for good.

How we can change the world ourselves.

All in easy-to-read bite-size chapters you can digest quickly.


I’m an ex advertising copywriter who worked for some of the hottest ad agencies in Melbourne.

Today I’m an author living across the bay from the big city.

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I’ve written the secrets of life for you in this small 104 page book

Change your life and change the world.

We can do it ourselves.


We can support the environment that supports us, respect the land we live on and use it for good, have reverence for Nature including other human beings and figure out who we are and why we’re here.

Is the answer hidden in my life experiences and my search for Truth?

I was involved in many life-affirming nature-conscious ethical issues that would change our future.

What if my chance experiences are a snapshot to making this a better world?

On the cover of this book is where I live today, a quiet fishing village and holiday resort across the bay from Melbourne called Portarlington, .

Every year the town is host to Australia’s Celtic Festival and Mussel Festival.

I’ve learned much over an eventful lifetime, some of which I wish to share with you now.

I’ve had many adventures, physical, mental, metaphysical, travelling, the joy of having two beautiful daughters and three adorable granddaughters, the struggle after bankruptcy, surviving the blow of a spinal stenosis followed by the devastation of a stroke, finding a new life with my mind intact. In my travels.

I’ve met, lived with and mixed with psychics, channels and healers around the world.

I’ve studied all spiritual philosophies from mainstream religions to the Aboriginal Dreaming.

Now I wish to share with you some important philosophical and metaphysical ideas I’ve developed over a lifetime.

Who are we?

Why are we here?

What secrets does our soul have to tell us?

How are we to survive?

How are we to live?

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I Didn’t See This Coming.

Just when I was down-and-out, when my freelance copywriting business of 10 years had hit the skids, I went bankrupt.

Strange things started to happen.

What was going on?

You’d think I had started a new life without intending to.

New things, new ideas, new open doors were rushing towards me.

Which is where my story begins.

Right here.

My first thought was survival.

I needed a place to live.


I had nothing.

I’d been offered a small Victorian holiday flat in a quiet springs resort in the Wombat Forest about one and a half hours from Melbourne.

I packed all my stuff into my car and went to the Central Highlands.

My life, as I knew it, was over.

I arrived with nothing, to nothing, with nothing to do.

Soon I was offered an old caravan for almost nothing.

I moved in and lived there for the next 5 years.

Parked precariously outside my benefactor’s home in the hills I could relax at last.

He created evocative airbrush paintings under the house.

She was a devoted follower of Sai Baba, her Indian Hindu guru.

An interesting couple.

We had many inspiring conversations.

The kind of mental and spiritual stimulus I’d been missing in the corporate world.

It was my new life among the sweet smells of Nature and the soothing sounds of the birds and the waterfall outside the caravan.

I felt at home there to ponder my fate and, well, to recover from the stresses of the past.

Then something happened that woke me from my reflective mood.

A file of documents about an historical mystery fell into my lap.

There was a friendly ghost from the past.

I’d been given, very mysteriously, a new challenge and my mind was off again.

And that mysterious file was the start of a new adventure that had my mind racing in a whole new direction I had not anticipated.

No way.

Which is where the intriguing material from the mystery file grabbed my attention.

Which soon became the focus of a new and amazing true story.

A 250-page book, a true story.

I’ve given my book a knockout title.

A very different title for a very different kind of book.

Of survival without money.

Of the paranormal.

And of the romantic.

Of a hushed up secret from the early days of British exploration around Australia and New Zealand.

One reviewer calls it “fun and entertaining”.

It’s an exciting story that took me to the other side of the planet chasing clues to a true historical romantic mystery across 5 countries.

I’ll tell you more next time.

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Love and Peace,


I Went to Yoga Classes at a Hindu Yoga Ashram in Australia.

I was living alone in a caravan in Central Victoria, Australia.

A group of us went off once a week to a Hindu Ashram in the middle of nowhere for yoga nidra lessons.

And a very memorable time.

I was living in a caravan in Central Victoria.

A friend was a member of the nearby Rocklyn Yoga Ashram.

The ashram was located in a peaceful retreat centre in the heart of the Wombat Forest.

I’d already learned chakra yoga with Australia’s first full time yoga teacher.

Margrit Segesman taught me a form of yoga that I practiced daily for over 50 years.

There were 10 asanas or positions based on balancing the 7 major chakras.

I believe they kept me healthy and physically and mentally well for most of my life.

You should think about learning chakra yoga too.

No matter what your age.

I was 24.

Both yoga and chakra balancing are beneficial in so many ways.

And yoga is relaxing for starters.

Margrit Segesman’s interest in breathing and relaxation techniques branched into an interest in the expansion of consciousness, a subject she had discussed with Carl Jung when they met in the 1920s.

He suggested the study of yoga and yogic philosophy and reading The Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka.

As well as studying philosophy, she developed her own progressive yoga relaxation technique that she later incorporated into her classes.

After spending time in Indian ashrams, she found her guru at Rishikesh on the Tibetan border and spent about five years living in a cave as an ascetic:

“For years I knew nothing else but meditation, raja yoga, hatha yoga, the intense practices of kriya and tantra, [and the] study of cosmology and evolution,” she later wrote.”

When she set up her school, she found Melbournians were keen to embrace yoga which was still considered to be very ‘new and exotic’ for Australia.

However, following a radio interview about her relaxation technique, Margrit was inundated with students and so took the step to full-time teaching.

When she embarked on her voyage from Switzerland in 1954, Margrit planned to travel to Sydney, but mistakenly stepped off the boat in Melbourne instead.

The Gita School of Yoga was Australia’s first full-time yoga school with its own permanent premises, offering classes each week day and night.

I remember having to step carefully along a narrow pebbled path to arrive at the front door – beginning class with a walking meditation.

A class then consisted of limbering, ten basic yoga asanas with many variations, breathing practices and relaxation.

On 22 September 1960 the Gita School of Yoga opened at 21 Alfred Place, Melbourne, which ran alongside St Paul’s Cathedral.

Soon after I was there as one of her early students.

Be well and healthy.


PS. Click here for the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram’s website.

Discover my new book of my real recent New Age adventures here in ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

Little Things Mean a Lot

Mr Moloney was feared by all of us.

He’d stand on a rise in front of the shelter shed every morning before nine o’clock assembly awaiting his prey.

Late school kids.

In his hands he would usually brandish his weapon the feel of which across our bare outstretched hands we would dread.

The ‘cuts’.

That was our favourite name for the leather strap as it bore down upon our outstretched hand.

Once we’d passed the start of morning assembly and if we were late, watch out.

We were in for it.

Once across the outstretched hand was enough.

A high price to pay for being a few minutes late, I thought.

I never got the strap but I did once in class and it hurt all day and the next.

Of course no school teacher today could do that.

I’m talking about wartime, the end of WWII.

I had a friend who’d always ask me questions in class.

Once in geography class he turned to me to ask a question just at the moment the teacher turned around and caught us.

We were both hauled out of our desks to stand in front of the class, hands outstretched. awaiting the agony of the strap to descend upon us.

It was the only time but enough to taste how it felt.

I made sure I was never late.

I met my next fearful Principal when I was transferred at the start of my third year.

I followed my brother to a different school nearby when he wasn’t able to enrol at my school.

This was a fateful move.

For the better.

He was another hat wearing Principal to be feared, but this time because of his tongue.

Not an instrument of punishment.

But in a kindly way.

He was fair but feared.

With the same name as the American President John F Kennedy he ruled the school like a true president.

The school would later boast having a student named Cate Blanchett the movie actress.

I never met her.

I first got noticed by Mr Kennedy when I started collecting used stamps for charity.

We started a stamp club and I collected them from all the kids.

Little things.

All due to the stamp club, in Year Six I was chosen by him to take on the school’s electronic system, the music, the school bell, everything needed to run the school and its timetable.

I enjoyed that.

I can’t forget being hauled over the coals for my bad choice of marching music for the girls’ marching squad practice.

I mean, I can only hear Colonal Bogey played so many times and I took it upon myself to change the tune after so many times over.

I fell in love with march composer John Phillip Sousa and his marches.

They’re like mini symphonies.

Every year swallows nested under the eaves of the wash house in the backyard.

Come Monday my mother would tackle the pile of clothes gathering all week on the floor before boiling them in the copper she heated with kindling wood.

There were no washing machines then.

Washing clothes was done by hand which is why this became her Monday morning routine.

And around Year 4 I fell in love with a tiny seaside town called Point Lonsdale at the Heads to the city of Melbourne dominated by an imposing lighthouse.

I fell in love with lighthouses.

Little things.

Every winter, thanks to the blessing of my champion School Principal, and the kindness of a neighbour returning a favour, me and my family would head for Point Lonsdale for a free two week holiday at an old house with a bull-nosed verandah.

I’d go to sleep every night to the sound of roaring waves breaking on the beach.

Wild nature came to mean a lot then when I was just an impressionable school kid looking for small adventures which remained with me all my life.

I fell in love with Point Lonsdale where I returned to the area many years later to live with my daughters and grand-daughters.

Every year as we drove out to return home I left my heart behind in this magical town beneath the lighthouse.

A little thing at the time that turned out to be the biggest thing in my later life.

Which is where I live now.

Watch out for the little things.

Take care,


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