How to Slow or Stop Ageing With This #1 Anti-Ageing Secret.

You may not have heard of “entropy”.

Most people probably haven’t.

Yet you should know and understand the effect of entropy on the ageing process.

More important.

You need to know how you can stop – or delay – the effect of entopy on your mind and body.

Ageing is too important not to understand this.

At any age.

What is entropy?

It’s Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics.

That everything rises and falls.

Into chaos.




Ashes to ashes.

The Roman Empire rose and fell.

Pop groups come and go.

Ghost towns once were thriving communities.

Abandoned, weeds grow and buildings fall apart.

Same with our physical bodies.

We need to take care of them so they don’t fall into entropy for as long as possible.

Don’t become like an abandoned building.

Same with our minds.

You need to keep your mind active for as long as possible.

That’s my number one secret of delaying your age.


One key is to feed your mind with positive creative thoughts.

Leading to positive creative activity.

Even after your body has given up.

Here’s a link to help you with your most creative, positive thoughts.

To stimulate ideas of your mind to keep entropy at bay.

Remember, entropy is your number one enemy of ageing.

At any age.

Don’t accept your true age as a number, a statistic of when you were born.

Your real age is the time you can keep entropy away.

Away from both your body and your mind.

I wish you a long and happy, long life.

Neil the Smith.

There’s Been a Cover-Up. A Royal Cover-Up.

There were clues.

Evidence of a cover-up.

Involving the Prince of Wales.

And a Roman Catholic widow.

They were secretly married.

Was it legal?

Were there children?

Legitimate children.

Then where were they?

I think I know.

It’s not where you think.

Buy my 236-page book ‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’ here and enjoy the paranormal adventure across 5 countries.

The Pope said, yes.

The British Parliament said, no.

Who was right?

Everywhere I looked the real evidence was not there.

Vital papers had been burned.

Identities were removed.

The true history had not been told.

I knew they were Royalty.

Yes, that was 250 years ago.

In Regency times.

In England.

But, incredibly, involving the very early days of British settlement in New South Wales (Australia) and New Zealand).

Who would know?

Certainly not the official line.

Not recorded history.

But I had the paranormal clues.

And they gave me enough, like the smoke, that is evidence of there being a fire.

In the end, after considerable research, I found enough smoke to show there must have been a fire.

The Prince of Wales had his position – and his head – on the line,

All good reason for the cover-up.

I understand.

Now, 25 years later, someone wants the truth to out.

Which is where my story becomes truly paranormal.

I can’t claim proof.

That’s been cleverly destroyed.

I can claim evidence like the smoke that gives away a fire.

Read my 236 page book and judge for yourself.

You’ll enjoy the fun and entertaining read.

You’ll ponder the spiritual wisdom as the Truth comes out.

In this sense, it’s a mind/body/spirit story (as well as an historical exposure).

With some romance along the way.

Reader’s Digest said, “You have discerned an amazing story.”

“It’s got everything it needs to be a blockbuster,” they said.

A Royal cover-up which, as you will see, all started with a ghost.

A ghost who appears at Chapter 3 – The Ghost of Granny Fitz’.

Buy the book ‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’ here and enjoy the great read.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith
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