You Show Them.

I’ve noticed a pattern where people who are disadvantaged in some way seem to achieve success.

Maybe they were born in humble beginnings.

Or that they meet a major obstacle in life.

They are made redundant.

Experience cut backs in their job.

Research has shown that a large percentage of children without fathers achieve success in their lives.

Even those who meet bankruptcy make a successful comeback to live another day.

Or those who meet with a major disaster recover to meet with success.

Creator of ‘Star Wars’ George Lucas suffered a major racing car accident before deciding to create the now famous series.

Tom Jones worked in the coal mines when a serious illness caused him to take up a singing career.

Multi-Emmy winner Ella Fitzgerald lived in an orphanage when changing from a dancer to a singer at an amateur talent show.

Seems to me there’s a strong sense of “I’ll show them” in all of these cases.

In disadvantage, in defeat, in a setback in life, I sense a strong reaction of “I’ll show them”.

Whether conscious or unconscious.

The same with me after my freelance business went bankrupt.

My story is here if you want to read it.

(That’s the book above).

Why not write your own story,

Go on you show them.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith.

PS. I’ll show them by writing these autobiographical books (visit here).