I Think Dr Desailly Knew Too Much About The Royals

Did Dr Desailly know too much about the Royals back in Regency times.

Was this why he and his wife were banished to the colonies never to return to England?

I’ve learned his secret and I’ve disclosed all in my new paperback book.

What were Dr Desailly and his wife doing in this antipodean outpost of Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)?

“They held no official position, nor were they of the free settlers who were beginning to trickle into the colony,” wrote Mabel Hookey in a rare, limited-edition book published over 50 years ago. “They did not swell the ranks of those unfortunates [convicts] who had left their country for their country’s good, nor were they political exiles.

“A vessel under special charter brought them to Van Diemen’s Land, and they always had plenty of money, derived from a mysterious pension, paid regularly and with great secrecy. . It was whispered that Dr Desailly’s English practice had been at the court of George IV, and that his beautiful wife had been a Lady in Waiting to Queen Caroline. “

I know Dr Desailly’s Royal secret and you can read the full story HERE.

Could it possibly have had anything to do with the divorce proceedings between George IV and Queen Caroline?

Did his closely guarded secret have everything to do with children of the Prince of Wales? Maybe legitimate children from his secret marriage to Maria Fitzherbert? If so, where were they? Absolutely nothing is known of them.

Until now.

Were they conveniently dispatched on a Third Fleet ship of all-female convicts that set sail for Australia in 1791?

So where are they?

Maybe I know.

His secret died with him.

Or so it was thought – until now.

That and more is revealed in my book ‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith

PS. This is a “fun and entertaining” book, said one enthusiastic reviewer.

Is this What The Paranormal Looks Like?

First there’s a ghost, a friendly ghost, an innocent granny ghost.

Or maybe she wasn’t so innocent.

I’m asking you to decide.

Which is how my new non-fiction book starts off.

Not a novel, it’s a true story.

I’d called to visit Florence after work and I was greeted at the door by a woman who looked like she’d seen a ghost.

She had.

Her ghost concealed a message from the past.

From the Regency past.

I mean 200 years ago.

Also the time of the First Fleets of convicts to Australia.

The book is called ‘The Royal Physician Who Knew Too Much.’.

It’s a true historic mystery that I lived for 20 years to try to solve.

But did I?

You decide.

The book took me 10 years to write.

To research.

To edit, edit and re-edit.

I want you to read it for yourself.

Because pretty much everything is driven by paranormal events, clues, chance events, unexpected meetings, channelings, psychic warnings, spiritual inspiration.

You can read about it here.

And order your paperback copy online.

So I’m wondering, has the paranormal become the new normal.

Maybe this book will decide.

Love and Peace.


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