Think Your Way To Money.

Thinking can make it so.

How can you think your way to money?

And what if the thinking is done for you?

Here’s how.

And where.

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I’ve given up trying to win the lottery.

(I still enter!)

But I have a contrarian philosophy.

I don’t think about money.

The trouble is, if you think too much about money your thoughts turn to negative.

Why don’t I have any.

How can I earn enough to pay the bills.

The costs of living are rising.

Where will I get the money.

We can’t help it.

Thoughts about money will surely turn negative.

Which is counter productive.

Because that tells the Universe, you don’t have enough money.


And the Universe will deliver what you think about.

So here’s the secret.

Give way to positive thoughts about money.

As are the audio tracks here.

There are over 200 to choose from.

Try it.

So sit back and let someone else do the thinking for you.

Love and Peace.


I Went to Yoga Classes at a Hindu Yoga Ashram in Australia.

I was living alone in a caravan in Central Victoria, Australia.

A group of us went off once a week to a Hindu Ashram in the middle of nowhere for yoga nidra lessons.

And a very memorable time.

I was living in a caravan in Central Victoria.

A friend was a member of the nearby Rocklyn Yoga Ashram.

The ashram was located in a peaceful retreat centre in the heart of the Wombat Forest.

I’d already learned chakra yoga with Australia’s first full time yoga teacher.

Margrit Segesman taught me a form of yoga that I practiced daily for over 50 years.

There were 10 asanas or positions based on balancing the 7 major chakras.

I believe they kept me healthy and physically and mentally well for most of my life.

You should think about learning chakra yoga too.

No matter what your age.

I was 24.

Both yoga and chakra balancing are beneficial in so many ways.

And yoga is relaxing for starters.

Margrit Segesman’s interest in breathing and relaxation techniques branched into an interest in the expansion of consciousness, a subject she had discussed with Carl Jung when they met in the 1920s.

He suggested the study of yoga and yogic philosophy and reading The Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka.

As well as studying philosophy, she developed her own progressive yoga relaxation technique that she later incorporated into her classes.

After spending time in Indian ashrams, she found her guru at Rishikesh on the Tibetan border and spent about five years living in a cave as an ascetic:

“For years I knew nothing else but meditation, raja yoga, hatha yoga, the intense practices of kriya and tantra, [and the] study of cosmology and evolution,” she later wrote.”

When she set up her school, she found Melbournians were keen to embrace yoga which was still considered to be very ‘new and exotic’ for Australia.

However, following a radio interview about her relaxation technique, Margrit was inundated with students and so took the step to full-time teaching.

When she embarked on her voyage from Switzerland in 1954, Margrit planned to travel to Sydney, but mistakenly stepped off the boat in Melbourne instead.

The Gita School of Yoga was Australia’s first full-time yoga school with its own permanent premises, offering classes each week day and night.

I remember having to step carefully along a narrow pebbled path to arrive at the front door – beginning class with a walking meditation.

A class then consisted of limbering, ten basic yoga asanas with many variations, breathing practices and relaxation.

On 22 September 1960 the Gita School of Yoga opened at 21 Alfred Place, Melbourne, which ran alongside St Paul’s Cathedral.

Soon after I was there as one of her early students.

Be well and healthy.


PS. Click here for the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram’s website.

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Are We All Trapped In Our Own Group Soul?

Watch a flock of birds as they all change direction at precisely the same time.


Because every bird in the flock is trapped in their group soul.

As are we?

Is this why we have become social animals through the urge to gravitate to our own group soul and why we can feel miserable when we’re rejected by our group of friends?

Chances are we’ll seek to join another group soul or social group.

Is it because loners, or introverts, tend to be regarded as unfriendly or anti-social because they choose not to belong to a group soul?

And are we all on a path to individuate?

To become whole, complete within ourselves?

Could this be the soul destiny of the human race?

In other words, have the extraverts taken over not realising that they are living out the phenomenon of belonging to their group soul?

Is socialising another word for maintaining the group soul?

And a resistance to individuating?

When I was studying philosophy at university the question was: “Is football a religion?”

At the time my answer was probably yes, but today I would more likely reply that it’s the wrong question.

The real question, for me now, would be: “Do football and religion each have group souls?”

My answer now would be, that is the common denominator of the two.

Group souls can each have a different make-up.

A theme that will attract those seeking a common purpose or goal that they feel they can fit in with.

And, who knows, maybe we’re drawn to elements in our soul’s make-up from the time we are born.

Our workplace is a group soul.

Our social media are group souls.

Our friends are a group soul.

Moving out of one can be full of difficulty.

Moving into another, the same.

Moving from one to another, wow, that can mean trouble.

Is this a reason why 85% of us* are unhappy in our jobs, because we’re in the wrong group soul?

Surely, as we well know, moving into your own space, your own life, your own reality, well, that’s a courageous move.

Maybe that’s our soul’s destiny, an evolution that today is just beginning and which we find ourselves caught up in.

We need to decide whether to be carried along with the group, like the flock of birds flying within the same mentality, or are we to choose our own way, follow our own path, to individuate.

No matter what the rest of the flock says.

Could this be the answer to many of our life’s and social problems?

Best wishes


Author of ‘Man Steps Off Planet’ and ‘Romancing Your Life’.

* Source: ‘The World’s Broken Workplace’.

Soul. The Second Evolution.

Are we all trapped in a sandwich between our human side and our souls?

With each pulling us in opposite directions?

One, our souls, largely unknown and a mystery to most?

Much debated, the subject of much speculation but, without scientific proof, having very little solid evidence with which to even support its very existence.

I want to change this.

The other, our human evolution, devouring our lives and our core beliefs because it has always been the only option on the menu?

Until now we’ve been led to believe the pull is in only one direction.

That all we have is an open sandwich

Salad on rye.

What if there’s a whole new philosophy of evolution – that maybe there are two evolutions going on in our lives, in our world, and not the one we’ve come to accept as the one and only evolution.

Maybe our lives, our world, is not only about the survival of the fittest and natural selection in life.

Maybe there is also a theory of the soul.

Soul evolution.

Have we been trying to make sense of who we are and where we came from, and where we are going, when all along we’ve been the healthy salad in a sandwich between the two.

And while my philosophy of soul evolution can’t be supported by scientific proof, I will offer in future blog posts compelling evidence for a soul sandwich.

My philosophy of two evolutions.

My evidence comes from Carl Jung, ancient Greeks Socrates and Plato, scholars Joseph Campbell and James Hillman, to name a few.

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Best wishes.


Author of ‘Man Steps Off Planet’ and ‘Romancing Your Life’.

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When The Dust Clears . . . How Are We Supposed To Live?

You may not believe me when I say I’ve lived the good life with nothing for last 30 years. So I wonder, have I already lived the model for how we are supposed to live in the future?

There are secrets I wish to share.

Experiments in life that we would only tackle when our back was to the wall.

Some of my experiences were crazy.

I embarked on adventures I would never have even imagined had my life and small business not have crashed leaving me with nothing.

I lived in an old caravan in the Australian bush for 5 years, homeless, penniless and lost.

Then, what happened was an adventure I could never have contemplated or planned unless my back was to the wall.

Which is the title of the book I’ve written about what happened next.

It’s called ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

But there’s more.

My experiences have made me realise that we need a whole new system of welfare to enable everyone, no matter what their financial situation, whether employed or living in poverty, to survive and to live a good life.

The philosophy has already been proposed, even tested in some countries, and supported by a long list of prominent business people and economists.

There’s Barak Obama, economist Milton Freidman, Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branston, and a whole list of others.

It’s called a Universal Basic Income.

This world changing plan provides every citizen above a certain age, without a means test, to receive a guaranteed basic income, enough to survive.

Everyone would be free to earn a regular income as well or to do as they wished with the money.

It’s their choice.

With such a safety net anyone can follow their dreams, their passions, and still be successful over time.

Especially if time is what they need.

In my case, I tried to establish a new trend in advertising creativity.

I had no capital backing me and so my freelance copywriting business crashed and burned.

Same with my daughter who started her own massage business that went downhill through no fault of her own.

Who knows how many talented people have been struggling to survive after attempting to implement their potential genius.

But there are other secrets I learned on how to survive and thrive.

I certainly haven’t become depressed or settle for living in poverty.

Instead I’ve followed my lifetime dream to write and publish my own books and, in so doing, kept my brain active and alive.

I was able to work from home, wherever that was, even in a caravan.

It’s a secret to living a long and healthy life.

It’s been the secret of keeping alive following my passion for the past 30 years.

Nothing should hinder the urge to follow our passion, even if for artisans, for example, the income that those passions generate take time to materialise.

Which is a good reason why the world needs the support of a Universal Basic Income.

Is it so crazy to suggest that the time to prepare for the future is now?

I share my other big secrets in my book ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

I’ll give you a hint. You might be surprised to know that I was greatly influenced by Napoleon Hill’s bestseller ‘Think & Grow Rich’ (click to view video) combined with Stuart Wilde’s ideas (click to view video).

Best wishes


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My 10 Point Plan To Survive From 0.

Are you caught in a struggle to survive? Is your back to the wall? Would you like to know about my 10 Point Plan that worked for me? I’ve don’t it and I want to show you how to survive too with no money and no hope to ever get above it all.

You’re going to have to impose strict measures and stick to them.

But if it works, hey, it’s worth it in the end.

It needs self discipline but only as long as it takes to get back on top.

Isn’t that what you want?

Erica Jong wrote in her book ‘Fear of Fifty’, “Only at the bottom can you decide when to live or die.”

You’re going to decide to “live”, right?

I’ve outlined how I did it in my true romantic mystery adventure ‘Back to the Wall’. It’s an essential part of my story.

Okay, then this is how you can do it.

1. Let go. Take a step back and let’s see everything, your whole life, in a new light. There’s a spiritual principle of “letting go” in the Tao (an ancient Chinese spiritual philosophy) which was my number one secret and which had almost magical consequences.

2. Self discipline. One of the first things I did, and the first thing you should do, is to start a daily policy of “nothing over $2” (my figure was $2, you choose your own). This includes supermarket items. In other words, you need to stop spending money except for essentials.

3. Spending rule. This is one of those times we need to be prepared to make sacrifices we wouldn’t normally even think about. I’m talking about the small things we take for granted. I’ve outlined them in my book: no takeaways, no eating out, no daily papers, no impulse purchases, no new clothes or accessories, no movie visits. I even sold my car so, if you can manage it, then do it. And start paying off your credit card(s) as soon as you can.

4. Convert to cash. I was amazed at how much stuff I could convert to cash. Hold a garage sale. Sell books to a used bookshop. What can you sell on eBay? What can be recycled?

5. What’s your passion? The line from the song in the movie ‘Flash Dance’ says it all: “Take your passion, make it happen”. Believe that it’s waiting there for you to make the first move. So make the move, then see what happens. If a door opens, walk through it, if it doesn’t open, make another move or try another passion.

6. Go with the flow. It’s another Taoist principle and it’s how I moved on in my new life. Keep in mind that many famous people had to wait for their first lives to fail, then start a second (successful) life. When we go with the flow and stop forcing things, I’m convinced we are met by an energy, if you like, an invisible magic carpet that carries us on in a way we can only trust and go with it.

7. What you think is what you get. When we become emotionally involved in anything, be it our own problems or the world’s negativity, our thoughts create more of the same. When we pay attention to what we are thinking then we are going to change our own reality.

8. Aim to live off the grid. This might take a while, even cost money, but if you start working to it now like growing your own food, you can expand your plan a bit at a time as you save.

9. Sell the home, move to the country and rent cheap.

10. Sell the car. It’s a major financial burden.

My book tells how I did it, in minute detail, starting from nothing, bankrupt, homeless, penniless, jobless and friendless. Adjust to suit your own circumstances.

I know this all seems a little harsh but it’s the only way to escape struggle street.

Now read the book and see how it worked for me.

Copy and paste into your own life.

Best wishes,

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