Have I Found Australia’s Secret King?

I’ve written a book revealing clues to a secret hidden until now in the Third Fleet of female convicts sent to the new colony of Australia.

The ship was named the ‘Mary Ann’.

Here is the cover of my true story showing a painting of a small boat with secrets being smuggled ashore even before she offloaded her cargo of suffering female convicts.

So what was the big hurry?

This rare unknown painting shows a small boat leaving the ‘Mary Ann’, the only all-female convict ship and one of eleven to sail to Australia from England in 1791 as the Third Fleet.

She sailed hastily a month ahead of the rest “under strange circumstances”.

“You have discerned an amazing story.” – Writer’s Digest

Right from the start there’s a paranormal mystery.

Why did the ‘Mary Ann’, the only all-female convict ship among the Third Fleet of convicts to Australia, leave England in 1791 in such a hurry before the rest of the fleet and “under strange circumstances”?

Who was the Commander of the ‘Lady Nelson’ and what was his true shocking identity?

Have I found the unsuspected unknown missing children of George IV?

Even legitimate children.

What happened to them?

Maybe I know.

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I’ve written the secrets of life for you in this small 104 page book

Change your life and change the world.

We can do it ourselves.


We can support the environment that supports us, respect the land we live on and use it for good, have reverence for Nature including other human beings and figure out who we are and why we’re here.

Is the answer hidden in my life experiences and my search for Truth?

I was involved in many life-affirming nature-conscious ethical issues that would change our future.

What if my chance experiences are a snapshot to making this a better world?

On the cover of this book is where I live today, a quiet fishing village and holiday resort across the bay from Melbourne called Portarlington, .

Every year the town is host to Australia’s Celtic Festival and Mussel Festival.

I’ve learned much over an eventful lifetime, some of which I wish to share with you now.

I’ve had many adventures, physical, mental, metaphysical, travelling, the joy of having two beautiful daughters and three adorable granddaughters, the struggle after bankruptcy, surviving the blow of a spinal stenosis followed by the devastation of a stroke, finding a new life with my mind intact. In my travels.

I’ve met, lived with and mixed with psychics, channels and healers around the world.

I’ve studied all spiritual philosophies from mainstream religions to the Aboriginal Dreaming.

Now I wish to share with you some important philosophical and metaphysical ideas I’ve developed over a lifetime.

Who are we?

Why are we here?

What secrets does our soul have to tell us?

How are we to survive?

How are we to live?

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Love and Peace.


What Is In This Small Old Book of Lost Royal Secrets?

I found this old limited edition small book of lost Royal secrets in my local country library.

I couldn’t believe my luck.

There it was in front of me among all the other quite ordinary library books.

But it was smaller that the rest.

This old book must have been sitting there for 40 years.

Unloved and unwanted.

The title seemed uninviting.

Who would ever have even picked it up, I thought.

‘The Chaplain: Being Some Further Account of the Days of Bobby Knopwood.’

Who was Bobby Knopwood?

I knew.

But who else would know?

Would you?

Probably not.

He was the Reverend Robert Knopwood, the first chaplain of Tasmania.

I knew from the research I’d been doing for my book and so, for me, it was a rare find.

And that’s how it turned out to be.

Here was the perfect story to introduce my historical romantic paranormal true mystery I had started.

What a find.

I’ll use an extract for my Introduction, I thought.

It’ll set the scene for the bigger picture I had to tell.

Just what I’d been looking for.

Now my book is done and you can buy it here.

In just a few paragraphs the author, Mabel Hookey, related her story of a local Doctor and his wife who were sent from England to the antipodes, Van Diemens Land (Tasmania), on condition that they never returned to England and they never divulged their secret that kept them from returning.

They were believed to receive a mysterious secret regular pension provided they stayed in the new homeland in the early days of the new penal colony.


There were rumours that he was physician to the King and she was Lady in Waiting to the Queen.

What was their secret?

Nobody ever knew.

Even the author didn’t know.

I know.

The little limited edition book has since disappeared from the library, from the shelves, the catalogue, every record.

Read my book and learn their secret here.


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Little Things Mean a Lot

Mr Moloney was feared by all of us.

He’d stand on a rise in front of the shelter shed every morning before nine o’clock assembly awaiting his prey.

Late school kids.

In his hands he would usually brandish his weapon the feel of which across our bare outstretched hands we would dread.

The ‘cuts’.

That was our favourite name for the leather strap as it bore down upon our outstretched hand.

Once we’d passed the start of morning assembly and if we were late, watch out.

We were in for it.

Once across the outstretched hand was enough.

A high price to pay for being a few minutes late, I thought.

I never got the strap but I did once in class and it hurt all day and the next.

Of course no school teacher today could do that.

I’m talking about wartime, the end of WWII.

I had a friend who’d always ask me questions in class.

Once in geography class he turned to me to ask a question just at the moment the teacher turned around and caught us.

We were both hauled out of our desks to stand in front of the class, hands outstretched. awaiting the agony of the strap to descend upon us.

It was the only time but enough to taste how it felt.

I made sure I was never late.

I met my next fearful Principal when I was transferred at the start of my third year.

I followed my brother to a different school nearby when he wasn’t able to enrol at my school.

This was a fateful move.

For the better.

He was another hat wearing Principal to be feared, but this time because of his tongue.

Not an instrument of punishment.

But in a kindly way.

He was fair but feared.

With the same name as the American President John F Kennedy he ruled the school like a true president.

The school would later boast having a student named Cate Blanchett the movie actress.

I never met her.

I first got noticed by Mr Kennedy when I started collecting used stamps for charity.

We started a stamp club and I collected them from all the kids.

Little things.

All due to the stamp club, in Year Six I was chosen by him to take on the school’s electronic system, the music, the school bell, everything needed to run the school and its timetable.

I enjoyed that.

I can’t forget being hauled over the coals for my bad choice of marching music for the girls’ marching squad practice.

I mean, I can only hear Colonal Bogey played so many times and I took it upon myself to change the tune after so many times over.

I fell in love with march composer John Phillip Sousa and his marches.

They’re like mini symphonies.

Every year swallows nested under the eaves of the wash house in the backyard.

Come Monday my mother would tackle the pile of clothes gathering all week on the floor before boiling them in the copper she heated with kindling wood.

There were no washing machines then.

Washing clothes was done by hand which is why this became her Monday morning routine.

And around Year 4 I fell in love with a tiny seaside town called Point Lonsdale at the Heads to the city of Melbourne dominated by an imposing lighthouse.

I fell in love with lighthouses.

Little things.

Every winter, thanks to the blessing of my champion School Principal, and the kindness of a neighbour returning a favour, me and my family would head for Point Lonsdale for a free two week holiday at an old house with a bull-nosed verandah.

I’d go to sleep every night to the sound of roaring waves breaking on the beach.

Wild nature came to mean a lot then when I was just an impressionable school kid looking for small adventures which remained with me all my life.

I fell in love with Point Lonsdale where I returned to the area many years later to live with my daughters and grand-daughters.

Every year as we drove out to return home I left my heart behind in this magical town beneath the lighthouse.

A little thing at the time that turned out to be the biggest thing in my later life.

Which is where I live now.

Watch out for the little things.

Take care,


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When The Dust Clears . . . How Are We Supposed To Live?

You may not believe me when I say I’ve lived the good life with nothing for last 30 years. So I wonder, have I already lived the model for how we are supposed to live in the future?

There are secrets I wish to share.

Experiments in life that we would only tackle when our back was to the wall.

Some of my experiences were crazy.

I embarked on adventures I would never have even imagined had my life and small business not have crashed leaving me with nothing.

I lived in an old caravan in the Australian bush for 5 years, homeless, penniless and lost.

Then, what happened was an adventure I could never have contemplated or planned unless my back was to the wall.

Which is the title of the book I’ve written about what happened next.

It’s called ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

But there’s more.

My experiences have made me realise that we need a whole new system of welfare to enable everyone, no matter what their financial situation, whether employed or living in poverty, to survive and to live a good life.

The philosophy has already been proposed, even tested in some countries, and supported by a long list of prominent business people and economists.

There’s Barak Obama, economist Milton Freidman, Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branston, and a whole list of others.

It’s called a Universal Basic Income.

This world changing plan provides every citizen above a certain age, without a means test, to receive a guaranteed basic income, enough to survive.

Everyone would be free to earn a regular income as well or to do as they wished with the money.

It’s their choice.

With such a safety net anyone can follow their dreams, their passions, and still be successful over time.

Especially if time is what they need.

In my case, I tried to establish a new trend in advertising creativity.

I had no capital backing me and so my freelance copywriting business crashed and burned.

Same with my daughter who started her own massage business that went downhill through no fault of her own.

Who knows how many talented people have been struggling to survive after attempting to implement their potential genius.

But there are other secrets I learned on how to survive and thrive.

I certainly haven’t become depressed or settle for living in poverty.

Instead I’ve followed my lifetime dream to write and publish my own books and, in so doing, kept my brain active and alive.

I was able to work from home, wherever that was, even in a caravan.

It’s a secret to living a long and healthy life.

It’s been the secret of keeping alive following my passion for the past 30 years.

Nothing should hinder the urge to follow our passion, even if for artisans, for example, the income that those passions generate take time to materialise.

Which is a good reason why the world needs the support of a Universal Basic Income.

Is it so crazy to suggest that the time to prepare for the future is now?

I share my other big secrets in my book ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

I’ll give you a hint. You might be surprised to know that I was greatly influenced by Napoleon Hill’s bestseller ‘Think & Grow Rich’ (click to view video) combined with Stuart Wilde’s ideas (click to view video).

Best wishes


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Romance, history, mystery, the paranormal & drama on every page (all true).


My life had crashed and burned.

My back was to the wall.

I’d lost everything.

I had to learn a new way to live.

And then, what secrets were uncovered, what historical mysteries revealed, in this unpredictable book about what happened next, full of twists and turns.

Hidden evidence was revealed when an innocent ancestry search mixed with 3 mysterious messages each with 3 clues plus the appearance of a real ghost with a critical clue combined to set up an unexpected historical mystery from Regency England 200 years ago.

What life messages, what spiritual wisdom, what historical intrigues did I learn in my untypical fun romantic paranormal historical true mystery world adventure?

Read my struggle for survival, the extraordinary events that the happened after bankruptcy, the fun and the drama as I describe every moment as it unfolded. Order your copy of ‘Man Steps Off Planet’ now – click here.

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