“You have discerned an amazing story”.


Who was the ghost whose pleas needed to be heard? Was this the secret wife of a British Royal wanting her story to be told 200 years later? What was her message? How can I explain the endless fortunate timing, the lucky appearance of people and places that moved my story along?

What words of wisdom do I offer along the way to explain spiritual and metaphysical events. I invite you to read and enjoy my *fun and entertaining* true story titled ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

Read of my unplanned and unexpected serendipitous discoveries that led me to people and adventures I had never dreamed I would find. “You have discerned an amazing story,” said Writer’s Digest.


Here’s how it all began. As I headed for the hills, away from my family, my freelance business now bankrupt, my hopes and dreams, I might just as well have stepped off the planet into another world. I had to learn a new way to live. What can you learn from my experiences? Without any plan, without any guide as to how to survive when broke, I sailed forth on an unexpected adventure that transformed me and my world.


What secrets were uncovered, what historical mysteries revealed, in this unpredictable book about what happened next, full of twists and turns. Hidden evidence was revealed when an innocent ancestry search mixed with 3 mysterious messages each with 3 clues plus the appearance of a real ghost with a critical clue combined to set up an unexpected historical mystery from Regency England 200 years ago.


What life messages, what spiritual wisdom, what historical intrigues did I learn in my untypical fun romantic paranormal historical true mystery world adventure? Read my struggle for survival, the extraordinary events that happened after bankruptcy, the fun and the drama as I describe every moment as it unfolded. This is an adventure for its time. Learn from my amazing story how you, too, can survive and live the good life as if this was another planet. It’s a page turner.


“It’s got everything it needs to be a blockbuster: romance, history, the paranormal . . . big stories like this are difficult to tell.” Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards, USA.

“This is a fun and entertaining manuscript. The characters are fabulous, as is the storyline. I am impressed with your imagination, writing skills and storytelling ability. The readers will truly love this material.” Writers Literary & Publishing Service, USA.

If you would like to learn more about thus unusual non-fiction page-turner click here.



PS. That’s a recent photo of the author visiting a local animal rescue farm.

85% Of Us Hate Our Jobs. 2 In 3 Of Our Kids Are Bored At School. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Why can’t we create the kind of world we all clearly want?

Like not hating our jobs.

Where our kids aren’t bored at school.

A big ask?

Yes. It’s a big problem.

I wonder if that’s not the elephant in the room of our world of increasing illness, mental issues, depression and suicide.

At present, it’s philosophical, speculation, I suggest, a spiritual answer to the question, what’s wrong with this picture?

At the same time aren’t those statistics a real problem?

Does anyone care?

There’s an interesting spiritual concept I want to play over to you.

What if, for example, we’re born with a Plan.

Let’s say, a decision is made for every one of us – we’re there at the meeting – as to the Plan for our life.

This Plan is based on who we are, our previous skills in past lives, where we’ve been, what we’d like to achieve this lifetime, how we aim to achieve all that.

Then we’re born, into a life and an environment best suited to begin our planned adventure.

Yes, adventure.

Let’s say, too, that in order to spare us the weight of having the details of our entire life’s Plan the moment we are born, that it is broken into 7 episodes.

And that those 7 episodes are spread through our life once every 7 years.

We can expect to live the first 7 years getting to know our new environment, to learn from those formative years and from the people in it everything we need to grow and survive before we are burdened with conditioning from outside.

Then, every 7 years another episode is released into our internal knowledge bank.

It’s how we grow and learn.

Until the age of 49.

So that is, 7×7=49.

The second episode of the Plan comes at puberty.

That’s age 14.

Next at 21 we ‘become of age’.

Then 28, 35, 42 and 49.

They’re all significant years.

By best age in life was 35, my one-man small business went bankrupt at 49.

Mid-life crisis comes at around 49, when the final update arrives.

What about you?

Why don’t we consider rearranging our lives – and our growth – around the 7×7 model.

Find Your Passion, Make It Happen

Why can’t our learning revolve around allowing our children to find and pursue their passions, doing what they enjoy, finding their innate skills.

This would be part of the Plan, their Destiny.

There are proven examples of this in Montessori Schools and Rudolph Steiner Schools.

Why can’t school programs tie in with the 7 year injections of the Plan for school kids.

Which would mean at age 7 and 14 internal changes could be recognised and planned for without teenagers having to struggle with not only hormonal changes but outdated parental conditioning and expectations.

It’s how we can create a more compassionate understanding of teenagers.

Same with us.

Your work, your job, your career, should be your passion, something you love doing every day.

If 85% of us go through life hating what we do, how is that in the interests of society?

Of our health and wellbeing?

And for productivity?

I’m asking whether we all need to live lives that follow the Plan I spoke about, a Destiny that was created before we are born, the perfect Plan that holds our best interests at heart.

Then would 85% of us hate what we do for a living?

Would 2 in 3 high school kids dislike school because of boredom?

And then would our world still be so overwhelmed by mental illness, depression and tragic suicides?

Is this the elephant in the room of society today?

What do you think.

Neil Smith (author of ‘Man Steps Off Planet’)

Sources: ‘The World’s Broken Workplace’. news.gallop.com ‘Most Students Bored At School’. livescience.com.

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Are You Needing A Fresh Start?

A winner of an award for creative excellence gave as her secret of success: “I just trust my beeps.”

She trusted herself and won a top creative business award.

There’s a secret here.

Trust your beeps.

So what exactly does that mean?

How might we apply that pearl of wisdom to our own lives?

Just trust yourself.

Try listening to your beeps.

I did when I lost everything.

It can happen when you’re left with no choice.

Everything changed including my life.

Yet I had nothing.

My back was to the wall.

I lived on trust because I was out of options.

Then amazing things happened.

Let’s just call it serendipity.

If you read my book you can learn how I flourished living on trust alone.

Which is pretty remarkable in this world we live in today.

I’ve analysed my experience and identified 9 unique hints or clues for you to follow.

That is, living on trust alone.

Believing in yourself.

My clues are open enough to make them your own, whatever your circumstances.

You’ll find them at the end of the first 9 chapters.

So if ever you thought you could do magic, this is the way.

No-one needs to live a life of struggle.

My book is called ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

You can read more and get your copy of my 244 page true story here.

It’s a tale of letting go and trusting.

It worked.

Could this be the ultimate fairy tale, the sea change you’ve only dreamt about.

Trust your beeps.

Good luck.

Neil Smith

Illustration: ‘The Beauty of Thoughts’ by ashnoalice at Deviantart.

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My 10 Point Plan To Survive From 0.

Are you caught in a struggle to survive? Is your back to the wall? Would you like to know about my 10 Point Plan that worked for me? I’ve don’t it and I want to show you how to survive too with no money and no hope to ever get above it all.

You’re going to have to impose strict measures and stick to them.

But if it works, hey, it’s worth it in the end.

It needs self discipline but only as long as it takes to get back on top.

Isn’t that what you want?

Erica Jong wrote in her book ‘Fear of Fifty’, “Only at the bottom can you decide when to live or die.”

You’re going to decide to “live”, right?

I’ve outlined how I did it in my true romantic mystery adventure ‘Back to the Wall’. It’s an essential part of my story.

Okay, then this is how you can do it.

1. Let go. Take a step back and let’s see everything, your whole life, in a new light. There’s a spiritual principle of “letting go” in the Tao (an ancient Chinese spiritual philosophy) which was my number one secret and which had almost magical consequences.

2. Self discipline. One of the first things I did, and the first thing you should do, is to start a daily policy of “nothing over $2” (my figure was $2, you choose your own). This includes supermarket items. In other words, you need to stop spending money except for essentials.

3. Spending rule. This is one of those times we need to be prepared to make sacrifices we wouldn’t normally even think about. I’m talking about the small things we take for granted. I’ve outlined them in my book: no takeaways, no eating out, no daily papers, no impulse purchases, no new clothes or accessories, no movie visits. I even sold my car so, if you can manage it, then do it. And start paying off your credit card(s) as soon as you can.

4. Convert to cash. I was amazed at how much stuff I could convert to cash. Hold a garage sale. Sell books to a used bookshop. What can you sell on eBay? What can be recycled?

5. What’s your passion? The line from the song in the movie ‘Flash Dance’ says it all: “Take your passion, make it happen”. Believe that it’s waiting there for you to make the first move. So make the move, then see what happens. If a door opens, walk through it, if it doesn’t open, make another move or try another passion.

6. Go with the flow. It’s another Taoist principle and it’s how I moved on in my new life. Keep in mind that many famous people had to wait for their first lives to fail, then start a second (successful) life. When we go with the flow and stop forcing things, I’m convinced we are met by an energy, if you like, an invisible magic carpet that carries us on in a way we can only trust and go with it.

7. What you think is what you get. When we become emotionally involved in anything, be it our own problems or the world’s negativity, our thoughts create more of the same. When we pay attention to what we are thinking then we are going to change our own reality.

8. Aim to live off the grid. This might take a while, even cost money, but if you start working to it now like growing your own food, you can expand your plan a bit at a time as you save.

9. Sell the home, move to the country and rent cheap.

10. Sell the car. It’s a major financial burden.

My book tells how I did it, in minute detail, starting from nothing, bankrupt, homeless, penniless, jobless and friendless. Adjust to suit your own circumstances.

I know this all seems a little harsh but it’s the only way to escape struggle street.

Now read the book and see how it worked for me.

Copy and paste into your own life.

Best wishes,

Author Page

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Was I A Human Guinea Pig?

We hear a lot about going with the flow.

Easier said than done, we might think.

Who in their right mind would let go of everything and just let themselves be blown along as a leaf in the wind?

We hear about the idea that attachment creates suffering.

But then, who in their wildest dreams would throw away their credit cards and live without possessions to which they become attached?

And what about the billions of people living below the poverty line?

How on earth are they to survive in an affluent society like ours?

Well, I lived below the poverty line, for 30 years, well below the minimum wage amount, and lived to tell this tale.

It’s as if I was a human guinea pig to see how I would survive.

I’ve written the book about the years when my back was to the wall, when I lived with nothing, I mean, nothing.

If you think it’s impossible then I invite you to read the book.

It’s called ‘A True Paranormal Mystery To Change The World’.

It’s a spiritual adventure because there are secrets that I used in my life to attract small miracles that enabled me not only to live with nothing, below the poverty line, but to live in some of the most spectacular places around Australia, New York, Regency England and northern Italy.

It’s a metaphysical thing and I’d like to reveal my secrets to you.

Read the book and enjoy my adventure as it unfolded.

Buy your copy direct from the publisher here.

Love and Peace.


PS order your copy of my other new times a-changing book ‘Romancing Your Life & Changing The World’ HERE.