Only at the Bottom Can You Decide Whether to Live or Die.

What’s the most important word here?

‘Live’ or ‘Die’?


The most important word here is ‘Only’,

Only when you have nothing, only then, can you decide.

I’ve been there, after bankruptcy, when I lost everything.

I mean everything.

Only when I had lost everything did I start to do everything differently.

Only when my back was to the wall did I start to think of new possibilities for my life.

I started to pay attention to coincidences.going on around me.

I started to pay more attention to my family.

I began to start living.

I had adventures

With nothing..

I began to start trusting.

Trusting what?

I call it the Universe.

Trusting the Universe.

“You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” said Steve Jobs.

“I just trust my beeps,” said a winner of a creative achievement award.

I started trusting the Universe and the files to this book fell into my lap.

For the next 10 years I spent researching and writing it.

You can find your copy of the book here.

Sure I didn’t win the lottery.

But I found so much more.

You’ll find my story in the book.

I want you to read it and see what choosing to live can bring.

Your story will be different.

Choose to live, whatever your circumstances, and start living to trust the Universe.

Or whatever you can trust.

Live the life you were meant to live.

You already know what it is.

Go for it.

And never look back.

Love and Peace.

Neil the Smith

PS. The headline is a quote by Erica Jong from her book ‘Fear of Fifty’.

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How You Can Live Forever.

Create something today.

Create a piece that will be here after you have left this Earthly life.

Creativity is the secret of a piece of you lasting beyond your life.

Yet the creative arts are so undervalued in our society.

My deceased wife’s paintings are still to be found on the walls of my daughters’ homes today.

I expect my books about my life adventures to still be around after I’m gone.

Creativity lasts.

What about you?

Have you explored your creative potential yet?

If not, it’s never too late.

Now is the time to decide to leave a piece of yourself, your creative talent, behind.

So what is your unique creative gift to the world?

Think about it.

The Creator of this Universe is a creator.

Our Universe is a creation.

And we are all creators.

You should realise that you were born a creator and make an effort to bring out your unique creation.

Your way to be immortal.

So what is yours?

I’m an author.

My deceased wife was an artist.

And you?

Your creative talent doesn’t have to be your profession.

Your creation can be your hobby.

Maybe it’s your hidden talent.

Or your unknown passion

Write your story.

We all have one.

You are the hero of your own story.

Remember that..

George Lucas, creator of ‘Star Wars’, was a racing car driver until a serious accident in a racing car caused him to turn to the creation of ‘Star Wars’.

Creation can follow a major life change or traumatic event.


Letting go of the past.

Think about it.

Love and Peace.


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It’s the part of me that will live forever.

What They Didn’t Tell Us About Life.

It’s how I came to search for ethical Truth and look what I found.

It’s in my new 104 page book.

In what seems a lifetime ago a chance meeting with a Librarian who became a close friend opened a door that I found I couldn’t resist.

Was there more to life than meets the eye?

So began my own lifelong search I tell the story of my meeting with the Librarian in the first chapter of this book.

The following 17 chapters tell of unusual personal experiences that followed that reveal my quest to find it.

As if I had opened the door to the answers I was seeking.

Although I didn’t know it.

A second evolution.

Parallel lives.

The secret of Destiny.

What our soul can tell us.

The unknown cause of climate change.

The ethical nature-affirming culture that’s already changing the planet for good.

How we can change the world ourselves.

All in easy-to-read bite-size chapters you can digest quickly.


I’m an ex advertising copywriter who worked for some of the hottest ad agencies in Melbourne.

Today I’m an author living across the bay from the big city.

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They’re all here in my other new non-fiction book ‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’.

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Best wishes.


What Happens When You Lose Everything?

Have you recently lost everything?

It’s happening to a lot of people today.

And that’s a tragedy.

I understand because it happened to me.

But that was 30 years ago when the world was a more hopeful place to be alive.

I get it.

I get something else that most people tend to miss.

I reinvented myself.

When you have nothing, when you’ve lost everything familiar, you make decisions, choices, let go, stop forcing things, you’ve created a vacuum.

And a vacuum must be filled with something else.

Think about that.

For 10 eventful years my life was filled with something else that mostly came to me.

I’ve written a book.

It’s about a sailor with a secret.

Now I have a story, my story, with a secret (or three) that fell into my lap.

Just by letting go and going with the fkow.

If you have nothing think about opening up to filling the vacuum.

Maybe it’s a spiritual thing.

Maybe something invisible comes to the rescue.

But maybe it’s you.

Just you.

And it costs nothing.

Think about it.

Love and Peace.


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I Didn’t See This Coming.

Just when I was down-and-out, when my freelance copywriting business of 10 years had hit the skids, I went bankrupt.

Strange things started to happen.

What was going on?

You’d think I had started a new life without intending to.

New things, new ideas, new open doors were rushing towards me.

Which is where my story begins.

Right here.

My first thought was survival.

I needed a place to live.


I had nothing.

I’d been offered a small Victorian holiday flat in a quiet springs resort in the Wombat Forest about one and a half hours from Melbourne.

I packed all my stuff into my car and went to the Central Highlands.

My life, as I knew it, was over.

I arrived with nothing, to nothing, with nothing to do.

Soon I was offered an old caravan for almost nothing.

I moved in and lived there for the next 5 years.

Parked precariously outside my benefactor’s home in the hills I could relax at last.

He created evocative airbrush paintings under the house.

She was a devoted follower of Sai Baba, her Indian Hindu guru.

An interesting couple.

We had many inspiring conversations.

The kind of mental and spiritual stimulus I’d been missing in the corporate world.

It was my new life among the sweet smells of Nature and the soothing sounds of the birds and the waterfall outside the caravan.

I felt at home there to ponder my fate and, well, to recover from the stresses of the past.

Then something happened that woke me from my reflective mood.

A file of documents about an historical mystery fell into my lap.

There was a friendly ghost from the past.

I’d been given, very mysteriously, a new challenge and my mind was off again.

And that mysterious file was the start of a new adventure that had my mind racing in a whole new direction I had not anticipated.

No way.

Which is where the intriguing material from the mystery file grabbed my attention.

Which soon became the focus of a new and amazing true story.

A 250-page book, a true story.

I’ve given my book a knockout title.

A very different title for a very different kind of book.

Of survival without money.

Of the paranormal.

And of the romantic.

Of a hushed up secret from the early days of British exploration around Australia and New Zealand.

One reviewer calls it “fun and entertaining”.

It’s an exciting story that took me to the other side of the planet chasing clues to a true historical romantic mystery across 5 countries.

I’ll tell you more next time.

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Love and Peace,


“You have discerned an amazing story”.


Who was the ghost whose pleas needed to be heard? Was this the secret wife of a British Royal wanting her story to be told 200 years later? What was her message? How can I explain the endless fortunate timing, the lucky appearance of people and places that moved my story along?

What words of wisdom do I offer along the way to explain spiritual and metaphysical events. I invite you to read and enjoy my *fun and entertaining* true story titled ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

Read of my unplanned and unexpected serendipitous discoveries that led me to people and adventures I had never dreamed I would find. “You have discerned an amazing story,” said Writer’s Digest.


Here’s how it all began. As I headed for the hills, away from my family, my freelance business now bankrupt, my hopes and dreams, I might just as well have stepped off the planet into another world. I had to learn a new way to live. What can you learn from my experiences? Without any plan, without any guide as to how to survive when broke, I sailed forth on an unexpected adventure that transformed me and my world.


What secrets were uncovered, what historical mysteries revealed, in this unpredictable book about what happened next, full of twists and turns. Hidden evidence was revealed when an innocent ancestry search mixed with 3 mysterious messages each with 3 clues plus the appearance of a real ghost with a critical clue combined to set up an unexpected historical mystery from Regency England 200 years ago.


What life messages, what spiritual wisdom, what historical intrigues did I learn in my untypical fun romantic paranormal historical true mystery world adventure? Read my struggle for survival, the extraordinary events that happened after bankruptcy, the fun and the drama as I describe every moment as it unfolded. This is an adventure for its time. Learn from my amazing story how you, too, can survive and live the good life as if this was another planet. It’s a page turner.


“It’s got everything it needs to be a blockbuster: romance, history, the paranormal . . . big stories like this are difficult to tell.” Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards, USA.

“This is a fun and entertaining manuscript. The characters are fabulous, as is the storyline. I am impressed with your imagination, writing skills and storytelling ability. The readers will truly love this material.” Writers Literary & Publishing Service, USA.

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PS. That’s a recent photo of the author visiting a local animal rescue farm.

Scary Story

At LA airport I’m queued for three hours getting through customs and I miss my connection to New York.

Instead I have been transferred to the next flight to Chicago.


What an inopportune time to be grounded.

Don’t they know that, waiting for me at the end of this plane trip I was making from Melbourne across the Pacific, was a beautiful school teacher from New Jersey I’d never met.

I hoped.

We’d hardly left the ground when we were informed that a severe electrical storm had knocked out one of the two runways at Chicago Airport.

The plane dramatically changed course and began losing altitude as we entered a dark menacing cloud reaching high into the sky .

Day turned to night.

For an eternity the plane droned on and on, swaying and lurching in broad circles like a scary ride at a theme park.

The darkness outside lit up momentarily as a ball of light skidded across the wing outside my window.

A voice from the cockpit announced that we’d just been struck by lightning but there’s nothing to worry about.

Yeah, right.

I overheard one of the flight attendants remark that the pilot must have copped a decent jolt from the lightning strike which would have hit the cocskpit first.

My hands were sweating and my heart was pounding.

Surely by now we must be almost out of fuel.

There had been no announcement from the cockpit for a while.

Was anyone still flying this plane?

I was resentful that my daydreams had been disturbed.

My thoughts had been of the precious cargo I was carrying in my luggage, the files surrounding a real mystery which had fallen into my lap before leaving.

But right now my mind was focussed on rather more immediate concerns like, are we going to make it? when a voice inside my head replied:

“Yes, and won’t this make a great story for your book.”

What book?

So did I make it out alive?

Did we end up landing safely at Chicago with only one of the two runways open?

And was the woman I’d never met waiting for me in New York a day later than expected?

I invite you to read the book to find out … and learn if I ever got to solve the big controversial mystery.

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Do You Only Live Twice?

The idea is everywhere, if we are looking for it.

It’s in popular movies, novels, ancient mythology, self-help books, religions, in the James Bond movie of that name, our everyday lives.

It’s central to events that happened to me in my fun and entertaining book ‘Back to the Wall’.

Here’s how my second life began.

To quote from Chapter 4:

“I sat myself down on the public bench in front of the flats. The mountain air was crisp and damp. I felt numbed by the thought that this morning I had woken to another world, a new life, a different me. The world was still the same. Only I had changed.”

So what happened?

When disaster strikes, most people think the worst.

Which is a big mistake.

Instead it’s the time to think of how to get their second life started.

I thought my life was over. There was nothing left for me.

How could I have been so wrong?

As you will read in my story this was to be just the beginning of my second life.

What a blast that second life became.

And therein lies a lesson for everyone who meets a major life crisis.

I truly believe that we do live twice and a life disaster or crisis is an invitation to begin the second and, perhaps, attract the success and good fortune you deserve.

Read about what happened to me in my fun and entertaining book.

When we meet adversity in our lives, suffer some unexpected disaster or change, even what we commonly call the mid-life crisis, that’s the moment when we have the opportunity to embrace our second lives.

In the first life maybe we screw up. I know, it’s what happened to me.

In the second life, a new frontier may be inviting us to make good and to set out on achieving our true destiny, the real purpose in our lives.

But then, don’t think for a moment it’;s something being forced on us.

We still have free will, the choice to take up the new challenge being offered to us or to go back to the life that brought us to the point of disaster.

Read what happened to me after my first life crashed and burned in ‘Back to the Wall’ – order your copy now HERE.