Urban Nomad. Who is the Smith?

I am the Smith.

I am the author.

Why ‘the Smith’?

The smiths were the crafters, the metal smiths, the blacksmiths, the makers of Medieval Britain a thousand years ago.

I am the wordsmith.

I’ve written and self-published 8 autobiographical books.

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This smith has lived everywhere.

Over 50 dwellings have been my home.

An ancient aboriginal corroboree ground in a wilderness area known as Fairy Hills where the creek met the river was my first memory of life.

And only a few kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

I’ve just learned they’ve been digging up ancient aboriginal artifacts that suggest this.

I’ve lived with psychics and healers.

And sat with mediums or channels.

I’ve lived with a Reiki Master in New York.

With a Roman Catholic nurse in the north of Italy.

With a Buddhist in the UK.

My lawyer was an Atheist.

I didn’t live with him.

I ran my own freelance copywriting business. in the ’70s

In 1972 I won an award for the best television campaign of the year for a brand of meat pies and donuts.

I was a New Age hippie.

We knew about climate change 50 years ago.

A group of us started a commune on 40 acres north of Melbourne to become self-sufficient and live off the grid.

A year later we’d failed.

I helped launch Animal Liberation here.

Our patron was Peter Singer, who was then Professor of Bioethics at Harvard., and wrote the book ‘Animal Liberation’.

45 years later it’s still active today.

I was the first member of the Permaculture Association.

Which, started by two Tasmanian academics in the late ’70s, today is changing the world

Now there are over one million people certified in Permaculture in over 140 countries with more than 4,000 projects on the ground.

I went bankrupt.

An article I researched and wrote 35 years ago – about the Swiss and Italian gold miners who came to Australia in the 1850s – triggered the launch of a Swiss-Italian Festa which is still running every year today in a local spa resort town.

Their story is in my book here.

I ran a social group called ‘The Springs Whole Health Group’.

We never ran out of guest speakers on healing topics, from ley lines to chemical sensitivity, who I’d enjoy interviewing every month before our next meeting.

Then I would write an article for the local paper which they always published on page 3 or 5.

This while living frugally in an old caravan parked at the end of a street in the spa resort town.

Over 5 years I became known as the man in the van.

I studied many spiritual philosophies.

I studied Religious Experience as an off campus mature age student at Uni –

The Christian Mystics

The Hindu Bhagavad-Gita.

Australian Aboriginal Dreaning.

I practiced Yoga for 50 years from wherever I called home.

Briefly I joined the Theosophical Society in Melbourne, with headquarters in Adyar, India, with the motto ‘There is no religion higher than Truth’.

I met and befriended the Librarian of the Melbourne branch, a Wise Woman, who taught me how and where and why to search for Truth.

What is Truth?

For a time I was married and today have the pleasure of a beautiful family of 2 lovely daughters, 3 adorable granddaughters and 2 mischievous great grandsons.

I’m truly blessed

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You can find more of my adventures in my autobiographical books.


Neil the Smith (author)

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The Young Man (me) and the Librarian.

Don’t you hate walking into a strange building for the first time not knowing where to look or where to go first. That was the case when I first met Dorothy, the head librarian. It was the start of a long and beautiful friendship until the day she died.

She looked a bit like an older Shirley MacLaine and called herself Melbourne’s Queen of the Psychics. It was this first meeting with Dorothy that my life took a whole new turn which has lasted for the rest of my life.

I want to share this moment with you just in case you want to follow her advice.

So my question to her was, where do I start searching for Truth?

She went off and returned with these 2 books on metaphysics and said, start with these –

“The Inner Life”

“The Hidden Side of Things”

You can find these books and others by the same author on Amazon here.

She sat me down and, for the next hour, spoke to me about the very things I wanted to know. As she spoke I was thinking, is this woman reading my mind or what? During that hour she proceeded to answer so many questions that were going through my mind.

Perhaps you’ll feel the same from reading your copy of one of those books. They’re available on Kindle for a few dollars each.

From that day on I would call in to the Theosophical Society library, she’d invite me to sit, and we’d talk for an hour or more. I asked for a course on the meaning of life and each time she’d find just the books I needed.

It was an amazing time.

She taught me all she knew.

Before long we became friends. I’d be invited to her apartment in the inner city area today occupied by office blocks. Again we’d chat about “the inner life and the hidden side of things”.

That subject became my passion and, although I’ve moved on from Theosophical thought, I’ve continued to be drawn to follow the belief that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

Sadly, many years later, after my contact was more with her daughter, I heard that she had passed away. I was confident that she was now in a position to investigate that unseen world she taught me so much about while still here in the physical realm.

Dorothy, you changed my life at a time I was still so young and searching for answers.

Today, not so young or so in need of answers, I acknowledge your role in changing the direction of my life. Thank you.

Best wishes.


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