I’m Rewriting History With This True Blockbuster

In a time of crisis, of trauma, of losing everything and living in an old caravan, I found gold.

Not real gold.

Secret messages and a ghost kind of gold that led me to them.

Like Rumpelstiltskin I could weave this information into the gold of a blockbuster of a book.

A revelation.

An exposure.

Had I uncovered a true mystery that would change history.?

Could I set the scene for a wow! of a story.

Yes, maybe yes.

It would be a true story.

Had I discovered a ‘prima face’ case for a real mystery that would change history?

The history of Regency England.

The history of the first white settlelers to Australia, then called New South Wales.

The facts surrounding the first settlement of Tasmania, then called Van Diemens’s Land.

Early days in white man’s occupation of New Zealand and the native Maori.

Out of my misfortune I found myself exploring five countries in person and researching.

So I wrote the book.

Took ten years.

It’s my own personal account of how I lifted myself out of the impossible to authoring a 236-page true blockbuster.

With the history side I have rewritten the history of Regency times.

With my own story, full of fun and so entertaining, I’ve written an autobiography.

“You have discerned an amazing story,” says the Writer’s Digest.

Now it’s here for you to enjoy.

And be amazed.

Have I rewritten istory?

Of Regency England.

Of New South Wales.

Of Van Diemen’s Land.

Of New Zealand.

And of the Royal children of 250 years ago.

Legitimate children who may have been sent to Australia on the Third Fleet in 1791.

And lost.

It’s a true mystery you can’t put down.

Buy your own copy online here.

Love and peace.

Neil Smith

I Think Dr Desailly Knew Too Much About The Royals

Did Dr Desailly know too much about the Royals back in Regency times.

Was this why he and his wife were banished to the colonies never to return to England?

I’ve learned his secret and I’ve disclosed all in my new paperback book.

What were Dr Desailly and his wife doing in this antipodean outpost of Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)?

“They held no official position, nor were they of the free settlers who were beginning to trickle into the colony,” wrote Mabel Hookey in a rare, limited-edition book published over 50 years ago. “They did not swell the ranks of those unfortunates [convicts] who had left their country for their country’s good, nor were they political exiles.

“A vessel under special charter brought them to Van Diemen’s Land, and they always had plenty of money, derived from a mysterious pension, paid regularly and with great secrecy. . It was whispered that Dr Desailly’s English practice had been at the court of George IV, and that his beautiful wife had been a Lady in Waiting to Queen Caroline. “

I know Dr Desailly’s Royal secret and you can read the full story HERE.

Could it possibly have had anything to do with the divorce proceedings between George IV and Queen Caroline?

Did his closely guarded secret have everything to do with children of the Prince of Wales? Maybe legitimate children from his secret marriage to Maria Fitzherbert? If so, where were they? Absolutely nothing is known of them.

Until now.

Were they conveniently dispatched on a Third Fleet ship of all-female convicts that set sail for Australia in 1791?

So where are they?

Maybe I know.

His secret died with him.

Or so it was thought – until now.

That and more is revealed in my book ‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith

PS. This is a “fun and entertaining” book, said one enthusiastic reviewer.

How the Paranormal Uncovered a Royal Cover-Up.

Everywhere I looked the evidence was not there.

Vital papers had been burned.

Identities were anonymous.

The truth had not been told.

As if they were nobody.

I knew they were Royalty.

Sure, that was 250 years ago.

In Regency times.

In England.

But, incredibly, involving the very early days of British settlement in New South Wales (Australia) and New Zealand).

Who would know?

Certainly not the official line.

Not recorded history.

But I had the paranormal clues.

And they gave me enough, like the smoke, that is evidence of there being a fire.

In the end, after considerable research, I found enough smoke to show there must have been a fire.

The Prince of Wales had his position – and his head – on the line,

All good reason for the cover-up.

I understand.

Now, 25 years later, someone wants the truth to out.

Which is where my story becomes truly paranormal.

I can’t claim proof.

That’s been cleverly destroyed.

I can claim evidence like the smoke that gives away a fire.

Read my 236 page book and judge for yourself.

You’ll enjoy the fun and entertaining read.

You’ll ponder the spiritual wisdom as the Truth comes out.

In this sense, it’s a mind/body/spirit story (as well as an historical exposure).

With some romance along the way.

Reader’s Digest said, “You have discerned an amazing story.”

“It’s got everything it needs to be a blockbuster,” they said.

A Royal cover-up which, as you will see, all started with a ghost.

A ghost who appears at Chapter 3 – The Ghost of Granny Fitz’.

Buy the book ‘The Great Royal Cover-Up’ here and enjoy the great read.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith
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PS. Illustrated above. an anonymous painting of the ‘Mary Ann’ the only all-female convict to sail from England to New South Wales in 1792 with the Third Fleet.

The Mystery of the ‘Mary Ann’.

The ‘Mary Ann’ was an all-female convict ship which had sailed to New South Wales (Australia had not been named yet) as part of the Third Fleet in 1791 “under strange circumstances.”

Strange circumstances?

Although officially one of the Third Fleet the ‘Mary Ann’ sailed independently of the rest of the fleet, leaving England forty days before the first of the other ships. The remaining nine vessels were mostly in a bad state of repair, “mostly old, and the Navy Board’s officers were less than vigilant than usual or had no alternative but to accept vessels that were in poor repair and ill-found.” 1

Under the command of her part-owner, Mark Monroe, the 298 ton vessel sailed from England on the 16 February, 1791, arriving in Port Jackson on 9 July. This was the fastest voyage yet made by any ship of the three fleets. Bateson reports a cargo of 150 female convicts but the records of ‘Shipping Arrivals & Departures, Sydney, 1788-1825′2show this to be incorrect. The ‘Mary Ann’ (officially) carried 141 female convicts, six children and one free woman. Six children and one free woman? She was the only ship in the fleet to carry exclusively female, and no male, convicts.

Read the full expose in my true paranormal mind/body/spirit adventure here.

There were a number of indications of a hasty departure. As reported by Collins, the Master of the ship “had not any private papers on board (but what added to the disappointments everyone experienced), he had not brought a single newspaper, and having been but a few weeks from Greenland before sailing for this country, he was destitute of any kind of information.” 3

Even more intriguing was an incident reported by Charles Bateson. After a grueling 143 days at sea “possibly because she called at only one port en route to refresh her prisoners with fresh provisions” a very strange thing happened.

“The Master landed a boat in a bay on the coast about 15 miles to the southward of Botany Bay; but no other observation of any consequence to the colony, than that it was a bay in which a boat may land.” 4

Notice it was the Master who landed the boat according to Bateson.

Puzzled by this I wrote to my genealogist in England asking for information about the ‘Mary Ann’.

“There seem to be no ships musters for the ‘Mary Ann’,” he wrote back. “Looked next the embarkations returns for 1791 but there was no mention of the ‘Mary Ann’ … I looked at the Home Office lists for the ‘Mary Ann’ but these give only the list of convicts, so there is something wrong with your data.”

I found the list of female convicts on the ‘Mary Ann’ but none for the free women and child.

So what have we got?

The Master of the ‘Mary Ann’, a female convict ship carrying six children and one free woman, lands a boat on the coast away from the main settlement about fifteen miles from their port of destination, for no apparent reason, even though there must have been many on board who were ill and in need of fresh food and water having stopped only once on the journey. Her departure does not seem to have been recorded in England. No ships musters could be found. She leaves hastily “under strange circumstances” without the usual papers, sailing over a month in advance of the other ships in the fleet and making the trip in record time. The captain also happens to be the part-owner.

Was something fishy going on here?

But that’s not all.

Bateson offers another interesting observation. “Of the ten sail of transports [the Third Fleet] lately arrived, five, after delivering their cargo, were to proceed on the southern whaling fisheries – the ‘Mary Ann’, ‘Matilda’, ‘William and Mary’, ‘Salamanda’ and ‘Brittania’. Two of the whalers, ‘Matilda’ and ‘Mary Ann’, came in from the sea the day on which the others arrived. The former found a boat in a bay on the coast six miles to the southward of Port Stephens …” 5

Port Stephens is some 200 miles to the north of Botany Bay.

Was there some kind of cover-up going on?

I know what was going on and it was a cover-up to save the Prince of Wales’ Skin.

Or maybe his neck.

I wrote the book to answer this and other big questions.

You can buy ‘The Great Regency Cover-Up’ HERE.

Love and Peace.

Neil the Smith


1 ‘The Convict Ships’ by Charles Bateson, Naval Historical Society of Australia. Page 131.

2 ‘Shipping Arrivals and Departures, Sydney, 1788-1825’, Roebuck Society, Canberra, 1977.

3 ‘An Account of the English Colony of New South Wales’ by David Collins.

4 Collins.


Is Someone From the Past Wanting to be Heard.

Is she a ghost from the past?

She was badly treated.

Her secret marriage to the Prince of Wales denied in Parliament.

Her love for the Prince was shunned.

They lived as lovers but where are the children.

Were they smuggled off to Australia on the Third Fleet of convicts from England to the antipodes?

What happened to them after that.

I’ve written a 236 page book to expose the mystery of Maria Fitzherbert and what has been covered up.

My book is called The Great Regency Cover-Up’

“You have discerned an amazing story”, says Writer’s Digest.

Read the book and decide for yourself whether she is a voice wanting to be heard.

Some 250 years later.

This is a fun and entertaining book.

Full of twists and turns..

Buy your copy now and enjoy a great read.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith.

Have I Found Australia’s Secret King?

I’ve written a book revealing clues to a secret hidden until now in the Third Fleet of female convicts sent to the new colony of Australia.

The ship was named the ‘Mary Ann’.

Here is the cover of my true story showing a painting of a small boat with secrets being smuggled ashore even before she offloaded her cargo of suffering female convicts.

So what was the big hurry?

This rare unknown painting shows a small boat leaving the ‘Mary Ann’, the only all-female convict ship and one of eleven to sail to Australia from England in 1791 as the Third Fleet.

She sailed hastily a month ahead of the rest “under strange circumstances”.

“You have discerned an amazing story.” – Writer’s Digest

Right from the start there’s a paranormal mystery.

Why did the ‘Mary Ann’, the only all-female convict ship among the Third Fleet of convicts to Australia, leave England in 1791 in such a hurry before the rest of the fleet and “under strange circumstances”?

Who was the Commander of the ‘Lady Nelson’ and what was his true shocking identity?

Have I found the unsuspected unknown missing children of George IV?

Even legitimate children.

What happened to them?

Maybe I know.

ORDER your copy o this explosive new book HERE.

Best wishes.


I’ve written a knockout book to expose a cover-up.

What was the secret of the ‘Mary Ann’ all-female convict ship in the Third Fleet to Australia?

Only a ghost could have known about it.

Because the truth was covered up and the evidence destroyed.

Then 200 years later a paranormal experience, quite a few in fact, fell into my lap and off I went on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Across 5 countries.

I was in Australia and the cover-up occurred in England.

Involving the Prince of Wales.

And his mistress.

They were married in a secret ceremony.

Officially it never happened.

I’m not so sure.

Back then a liaison between a Protestant and a Catholic was dynamite.

At the time the anti-Catholic Gordon Riots were causing fear amongst the population of London.

This happened in London.

I was in Australia.

The Prince of Wales and a Catholic widow.

That would have been dynamite too.

Officially it never happened.

My paranormal clues said otherwise.

And so, sensing an amazing story, I went for it.

I responded to the clues.

Which led me to Regency England, New Zealand and, yes, right back home to Australia.

I uncovered an amazing story

The writer’s magazine Writer’s Digest called it a “blockbuster”.

And more.

You can read the awesome reviews HERE.

Or buy my blockbuster 230 page book HERE.

It’s a “fun and entertaining” book says another reviewer..

See for yourself.

Love and Peace.