Urban Nomad: The Life of Author Neil the Smith

Why ‘the Smith’?

They were the creators, the crafters, the metal smiths, the makers of Medieval Britain a thousand years ago.

Today, I’m ‘the wordsmith’.

The author.

I’ve lived everywhere..

Over 50 places have been my home.

An ancient aboriginal corroboree ground in a wilderness area known as Fairy Hills where the creek met the river was my first memory of life.

And only a few kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

I’ve just learned they’ve been digging up ancient aboriginal artifacts that suggest this.

I’ve lived with psychics and healers.

And sat with mediums or channels.

I’ve lived with a Reiki Master in New York.

With a Roman Catholic nurse in the north of Italy.

With a Buddhist in the UK.

My lawyer was an Atheist.

I didn’t live with him.

I ran my own freelance copywriting business. in the ’70s

In 1972 I won an award for the best television campaign of the year for a brand of meat pies and donuts.

I was a New Age hippie.

We knew about climate change 50 years ago.

A group of us started a commune on 40 acres north of Melbourne to become self-sufficient and live off the grid.

A year later we’d failed.

I helped launch Animal Liberation here.

Our patron was Peter Singer, who was then Professor of Bioethics at Harvard., and wrote the book ‘Animal Liberation’.

45 years later it’s still active today.

I was the first member of the Permaculture Association.

Which, started by two Tasmanian academics in the late ’70s, today is changing the world

Now there are over one million people certified in Permaculture in over 140 countries with more than 4,000 projects on the ground.

I went bankrupt.

An article I researched and wrote 35 years ago – about the Swiss and Italian gold miners who came to Australia in the 1850s – triggered the launch of a Swiss-Italian Festa which is still running every year today in a local spa resort town.

Their story is in my book here.

I ran a social group called ‘The Springs Whole Health Group’.

We never ran out of guest speakers on healing topics, from ley lines to chemical sensitivity, who I’d enjoy interviewing every month before our next meeting.

Then I would write an article for the local paper which they always published on page 3 or 5.

This while living frugally in an old caravan parked at the end of a street in the spa resort town.

Over 5 years I became known as the man in the van.

I studied many spiritual philosophies.

I studied Religious Experience as an off campus mature age student at Uni –

The Christian Mystics

The Hindu Bhagavad-Gita.

Australian Aboriginal Dreaning.

I practiced Yoga for 50 years from wherever I called home.

Briefly I joined the Theosophical Society in Melbourne, with headquarters in Adyar, India, with the motto ‘There is no religion higher than Truth’.

I met and befriended the Librarian of the Melbourne branch, a Wise Woman, who taught me how and where and why to search for Truth.

What is Truth?

For a time I was married and today have the pleasure of a beautiful family of 2 lovely daughters, 3 adorable granddaughters and 2 mischievous great grandsons.

I’m truly blessed

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Neil the Smith (author)

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50 Years Ago I Went On A Search For Truth. The Results Are In.

What is Truth?

Everyone’s Truth is different.

Your Truth is not the same as my Truth.

Do we even think in terms of Truth?

Like do you know your Truth?

Well, it’s taken 50 years for me to find mine.

Life changing and, maybe, world changing.

So what is Truth?

In my mind it’s whatever is real for us, unchanging, eternal, permanent.

And it’s taken 50 years to find mine.

Which is full of surprises because, for starters, I really didn’t even know what mine was.

I think maybe it’s the same for most of us.

Can you truly say what’s your Truth?

Right here and now.

That’s the test isn’t it.

Go on, tell me what is yours.

To tell you my Truth I needed 100 pages of a book.

So maybe it’s not such a simple matter.

Because it’s taken me 50 years to find.

And here’s the shocker.

It could be world changing.

I’m not kidding.

Read my world changing Truth for yourself and see if you agree.

It’s here in my book ‘Romancing Your Life & Changing The World’.

100 pages long.

Order your copy today and, maybe, we can change the world with Truth.

Love and Peace.


Why Do Other Things Change When You Just Change One Thing

I’m sure you have seen photos, even movies, of deserted homes or ghost towns and how they become overgrown in a short time.

What happens?

Yes, the people who have been holding back the overgrowth and the deterioration of the buildings have departed.

But then, that begs the question, why do we need to be constantly holding back change at all?

Why does change happen?

And why is that change usually unwanted?

Is that a matter of everything reverting back to a natural, uncontrolled form?

Is nothing permanent?

Well, no.

According to the Greek philosopher Plato, everything changes except the ‘real’ which is unchanging.

So what is ‘real’ then?

Which is the big philosophical question, to distinguish the ‘real’ from the ‘unreal’.

And is that why, when we move house, for example, things change and go wrong that we never expected to change or go wrong?

Are they the parts of our life that are not real, are impermanent, only held together by the item you decided to change?

Is everything in our lives being held in place by everything else?

Except for whatever is ‘real’.

So what is ‘real’?

What exactly is permanent?

George Harrison wrote that ‘All Things Must Pass’.

The Buddha said that “With our thoughts we make the world”.

Okay then, does that mean that everything in our lives is held together with our mind?

Except, that is, whatever in our lives, our thoughts, is ‘real’.

But they’re not likely to be physical objects.

So is karma real (Newton’s Third Law of Motion)?

Is entropy real (the Second Law of Thermodynamics), the idea that everything eventually falls apart?

How ironic that the very answer to the question of why things change is that things change (entropy).

It’s a Law of Physics.

And is the way to deal with the surprises of change the Buddhist idea of non-attachment?

That nothing is permanent?

What do you think?


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